Why Technology Is an Integral Part of Crime Fighting

Posted on Mar 09, 2016

Typically, when the average person thinks of digital technology, whether it is mobile phones, GPS systems, cameras, or even social media, crime reduction probably is not the first thought. But as technology progresses, more and more existing and emerging technologies are being employed in crime fighting, raising the bar for law enforcement technology.

In the best-case scenarios, police units and other law enforcement agencies are at the forefront of adopting these various digital technologies as law enforcement tools. Already, we are seeing that police forces that embrace technology are seeing greater results in solving crimes and apprehending criminals.

Police across the country are using new technology to improve operations

When potential threats are identified, the appropriate authorities can be notified to evaluate the situation and act in a more proactive way.

Data Mining and Video Cameras
Fascinatingly, law enforcement agencies are now using statistical analysis and predictive modeling in the fight against crime. Police and government authorities are combing through data to identify trends and to highlight possible connections between events. As a result, police forces have a better handle on the crime in the areas they are protecting, as well as a better idea of what to expect in the future by establishing causality between specific trigger events and criminal activities.

Video cameras are another key tool in crime fighting. It seems that just about everywhere you look, at least in public, there is a video camera nearby. As these public and private systems see further integration, they can be used, not only to examine crime scenes after the fact, but also to monitor streets, businesses, and public transit systems for potential dangers. In addition to preventing criminal activity, public places can be monitored for overcrowding, traffic congestion, environmental threats, and other public-safety concerns. When potential threats are identified, the appropriate authorities can be notified to evaluate the situation and act in a more proactive way.

What’s more, advancements in biometric technologies are benefiting law enforcement more and more each day. Law enforcement technology, such as facial recognition, is seeing an increase in its reliability, as security teams use it to identify criminals of all types, from experienced con artists to dangerous terrorists, before any damage is done.

Maximizing Your Crime Fighting Ability
NC4’s law enforcement solutions provide agencies with technology-based tools to improve their efficiency in fighting crime. NC4 law enforcement solutions, like NC4 Street Smart™, provide law enforcement organizations a powerful suite of tools that centralizes crime-related data into a single data store per industry standards (NIEM, CJIS), allows data to be mined more effectively, reduces paper pushing, and provides increased situational awareness of officers in the field, maximizing their effectiveness. Contact NC4 today at 877-624-4999 to find out how we can help you fight crime.

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