What Threat Intelligence Sharing Means to Corporate Security

Posted on Jul 05, 2016

As cyber threats abound, they have evolved from something that happens in another part of the country to a very real threat for anyone who shares information online. Almost everyone has been touched in some manner by a hacker or computer-generated attack that infiltrates a seemingly protected system and steals sensitive data. When your company's security consultants conduct a cyber threat intelligence check on your business's system and detect an anomaly, it is important to act quickly and to also be a part of a collaborative web-based platform to receive and exchange critical information to help solve whatever cyber-attack is threatening your organization.

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If your business stores any customer information online, such as bank codes for direct deposit or withdrawal of funds, social security numbers, passwords to access their accounts, the threat of that information leaking into cyberspace exists. Below are several factors pertaining to threat intelligence solutions.

  • Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, which are usually carried out in-house by security consultants, take all levels of security into consideration and seek out oddities in text, such as disparate data points within separate IPs, URLs, mobile apps, files, etc. The discovery of any of these misaligned data points may prevent a full-scale cyber-attack. Threat intelligence diminishes the window of vulnerability between possible attack and defense.
  • Malware can evolve hourly. Many corporations believe the solution to locating cyber threats lies in inexpensive (or free), downloadable software that seeks out the latest malware. However, those programs provide only the lightest security for your business. A high-quality threat intelligence solution seeks out idiosyncrasies undetected by traditional antivirus software, thereby sealing off protected records from hostile software. Employ a layered security approach by utilizing antivirus software, constant in-house threat analysis by a security consultant, and a cybersecurity component that disseminates critical cyber threat intelligence for the ultimate in defense against malware.
  • A recent study found that companies use, on average, four different products to examine an incident, and another 20% of companies use six to 15 products to settle a cyber threat. To complicate a cyber threat even more, when that data is transferred between those products, the chance of error increases. Companies need to move beyond a "siloed" mentality, in which products and companies are not collaborating with each other. The sharing of data between departments is important as is sharing and collaborating between other organizations is to mitigate the effects of a cyber threat.

Cyber threat intelligence solutions bridge communication among other organizations within a network to strengthen corporate security. Call NC4 today at 877-624-4999, and browse our website for information pertaining to products and solutions for your business's cybersecurity.

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