Ways to Ensure Business Continuity in 2017

Posted on Dec 19, 2016

In life and in business, every potential future event can never be fully seen. But one thing we can certainly do is ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster or technological breakdown. As we enter 2017, it's a good time to take an assessment of your organization's continuity infrastructure and consider the ways it can be improved and adjusted with the New Year. This goes beyond IT, and to the very core of your personnel, culture, and company ideology. Business continuity preparedness is a never ending job and one that constantly evolves.

Business Continuity Solutions | Ensure Business Continuity in 2017

There are, however, some simple and basic ways to ensure you are in the best position possible given the myriad of risks in a complicated business world. Below are just a few to consider:

Company-Wide Planning

Every member of your organization should be considered as part of your business continuity plan, and every member should be well aware of it and prepared to act. Continuity issues come about frequently as a result of a single break in the chain of knowledge or preparation. As someone at the top of the organization, it's on you to ensure this won't be the case. Culture is key, and everyone's participation holds equal priority. 

Keeping Pace with Change

The challenges your company will face in 2017 are going to be different from the ones that presented themselves in 2016 or are around the bend in 2018. Evolution in technology, risks, and infrastructure are constant; your response to this must reflect that evolution in order to ensure proper continuity. An organization should never rest on a plan and should always be revising that plan. 


This tip is simple, but crucial. If disaster strikes, your organization (from the employees to the technology) will benefit immensely by having gone through thorough mock runs of your business continuity plan. Comfort in both your knowledge and the plan allows for ingenuity in the midst of actual chaos and can help your organization face the worst while at its best.

All of these business continuity tips may sound simple, but proper implementation, communication, and evolution are key for them to be successful. One solution that provides tools that help business continuity professionals be aware of potential impacts to their organizations is NC4 Risk Center™. Designed with intuition and adaptability, this is an ideal piece of communication technology that will allow your organization to more greatly understand the risks in real-time during a disaster event. From weather to better situational awareness, having the most information possible is always ideal to make the right decisions with a goal of solid business continuity. Call today for more information at 877-624-4999.

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