Soltra Edge® is an industry-driven software that automates processes to share, receive, validate and act on cyber threat intelligence. This documentation will help you in navigating the solution and in getting the most out of using Soltra Edge.


To access the Users page, select "Settings > Users".



The layout of the Users page provides the following options for User administration:



  • Add New Users
  • Filter Users
  • View Usernames
  • View Names
  • View Email Addresses
  • View Organization
  • View Joined on Date
  • Active/Inactive
  • Unlocked/Locked
  • CSV Export of Users


Understanding Edge User Administration Options


Adding new Users


From the Users page, select the "Add" button with the green "+" sign.



Populate the fields below with the necessary information and click the blue "Add User" button.



Once you click the blue Add User button, your server will prompt you with a message stating the user account was successfully created. The page will redirect to the users’ profile page where you will define the users access control for the server and data on the server.



Security and Access




The first area you populate for the user profile is Identity. Populate the fields with any necessary information. You will choose the Organization to which the user is apart.

Note: You can add the user to an Organization at a later time if you have yet to set one up.





The Security area allows the Soltra Edge administrator to reset the users’ password, create a certificate if the Edge server is using Two-Way authentication, and provides details to the administrator of the Recent Failed Login Attempts.


Note: The Orange “Administrator rights in effect” text is a message for the Soltra Edge administrator alerting the admin user that they are executing these actions with full admin rights.




The last page in Security and Access is the Access page. On this page, the Soltra Edge administrator is able to set the specific users’ server/data access utilizing several different options.



Staff Member

  • Send Test Email
  • View Organizations
  • View Users
  • Update a User’s password *
  • Edit a User’s details *
  • Update a User’s TLP
  • Update a User’s namespace
  • Update a User’s General Access
    • Staff
    • Allow TAXII Inbox
    • Allow Building STIX Objects
    • Locked User
  • Update a User’s Organization
  • Create a Two-Way Certificate for a User
  • Download a User’s Two-Way Certificate
  • View the Crashlog
  • Make user Active/Inactive
  • Unlock/Lock a user
  • View/Add Actions
  • Can use all user related API services
  • Restart Edge
  • Can configure LDAP **

*cannot modify for Super User accounts

** must have a Medium/Large Enterprise License for obtaining LDAP plug-in


Allow TAXII Inbox

  • Allows the user the ability to upload data via the Inbox feature in TAXII
  • This is checked by default


Allow Building STIX Objects

  • Allows the user the ability to create their own STIX objects on the Edge server using the Builder option on the Edge Server Homepage
  • This is checked by default


Locked User

  • Unchecking will unlock the user profile





The Soltra Edge administrator will need to state what TLP level the user being created will be allowed to access.


No TLP selected

  • User will only see data where objects do not have a TLP associated
  • Default level for new users


Selecting one TLP or a combination of TLP (example White and Green)

  • User will be able to see only data with White and Green TLP markings


Selecting all TLP (White, Green, Amber, Red)

  • User will be able to see all objects expect objects without a TLP marking


Authorized TAXII Inbox Namespaces



Input TAXII namespaces that the user is allowed to see data from.


Filter Users


The filter area is a new feature in 2.11 for the Users page. Filter enables you to filter the list of users via name, email, or organization.



Filter by Name



From the list, enter first name, last name, or first and last to filter the list of users displayed.



Filter by Email



Enter part of the email address, full email address, or domain to filter the list of users in the list.


Filter by Organization



To filter by Organization use “org:” and type in the name of the Organization.


Making a User Inactive



When you add a new user the user by default is set to active status. To make the user inactive, uncheck the users’ active checkbox corresponding to the users’ profile row on the user’s page.



When the inactive user tries to sign into the Soltra Edge server, they will be met with the following message.


Where the user is logged in, all navigation options are disabled and the first option the user tries to select will auto log the user out of the server.


To reactivate the users account, select the check box.



The user is now able to sign into the Soltra Edge server as normal.




Downloading a copy of your Users


To get an offline copy of your users, select the "CSV" button.



A users list in .csv format will be located in your Downloads folder or the folder that is specified to host all internet downloads.





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