Travel warnings issued for those flying Arik Air in Nigeria

Posted on May 20, 2014

Nigerian airports and the federal government are increasing their security measures and have already warned air passengers to leave early for flights and expect longer delays, This Day Live reported.

One of the first airlines to issue warnings to travelers was the major Nigerian agency Arik Air, which reached out to customers and informed them to expect loss of travel time, the source reported. The increased security measures began May 1 as all-around security at Nigerian airports, specifically regarding international terminals, was ratcheted up.


The thorough process of profiling and vetting passengers is expected to further delay travel time, the source reported. The Nigerian airlines and federal government are urging people to recognize the check-in procedures when arriving at the airport. Some of the rules have changed for domestic and international flights, and it's better to be prepared.

"Arik Air check-in counters open two hours before departure for domestic flights, three hours for regional and four hours for international flights," an official for Arik Air stated, according to the source.

Protecting travelers with detailed information

When businesses send corporate travelers abroad, they have to make sure they are completely up to date on any sort of travel delays or traffic stops that could either slow them from reaching their destination or put them in harm's way. Just as with duty to warn and duty to inform, companies could be held to the moral and ethical (and legal) standards proposed by duty of care when it comes to their employees and sending them abroad.

Businesses should do everything in their power to make sure their corporate travelers have a streamlined travel experience and knowing things such as increased security, additional check points, traffic delays and more thorough passenger checks could help them avoid downtime or missing flights. Without a risk mitigation process in place - or some form of personnel communication or tracking software - a company risks taking on significant liability for the well-being of their traveling employees should something go wrong on a trip.

Arik Air stressed to its upcoming passengers traveling domestically and internationally to be aware of the different rules and to check in for their flights early across Nigeria, Leadership reported. With additional situational awareness, passengers will be better prepared on their international flights.

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