Travel Risk Management and Duty of Care There is a Distinct Difference

Posted on Jul 06, 2017

Employee business travel has grown to be more complex over the years. The amount of coordination that is necessary, and the ways in which employees may face threats when on the move, has made the job of travel risk management more critical. When experts discuss travel risk management, executives often mix the idea of duty of care directly into it as if the two are basically the same. In fact, travel risk management and duty of care are two separate concepts under the overall umbrella of safe employee travel, and understanding the difference between them is important.

Travel Risk Management | Travel Risk Management & Duty of CareIf you are practicing enhanced and thorough travel risk management, you will be doing your due diligence in duty of care almost by default. So, what exactly are the critical differences between these two?

Duty of Care

  • Essentially, this is a legal term for the practice of employee care you should monitor with or without regulation. By not having good duty of care practices, you will be exposing your employees to unnecessary risk, as well as possible legal ramifications depending on the country and laws your organization operates within.
  • Every jurisdiction, as well as country, has different definitions and requirements under duty of care. Sorting these out can be complicated, so basic and comprehensive overall care is essential.
  • In the United States, duty of care can often be murky from a legal standpoint. This is not the case in many other nations, and the rules in some European nations can be especially tight.

Travel Risk Management

  • Unlike duty of care, with a straightforward corporate liability focus on the well-being of traveling employees, travel risk management, by comparison, is comprehensive, constant, and ever-changing.
  • Mitigating employee risk in an organized and professional way is the essence of travel risk management. The forms this can take seem relatively endless to management in charge of this essential task: monitoring severe weather, understanding travel delays, ensuring that transportation is both taken care of as well as safe, and understanding threat levels in terms of terrorism in certain regions. These are but a few of the myriad of travel risk concerns.
  • Communication is an essential aspect of well-done travel risk management. 


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