Tips for Cuba Bound Employees

Posted on Mar 13, 2017

With Cuba becoming a rapidly expanding market for many businesses, it's a good idea to research tips your organization may need if traveling to the Caribbean nation.  Since the island has been effectively closed to American business travelers for well over 50 years, many of the safety and security practices involved with a travel itinerary to Cuba have been forgotten, or simply never enacted, for many corporations over the years. At the time of this writing, there are around 20 flights to Cuba occurring every day: a number we should expect to grow.

Safety and Security Solutions | Tips for Cuba-Bound Employees</A good place to start when discussing travel to Cuba with your associates is the local infrastructure. Half a century of relative isolation has led to an environment a bit behind the times for a modern business traveler; expect that Wi-Fi will be limited, and when data can be accessed, it might be pricey. Consider this when setting a budget for Cuban business travel, as well as the below tips:

Bring Cash

This is changing as the influx of business travelers continues, but as it stands now, cash will be your best option. Most American debit and credit cards will work in very few places. Canadian dollars, as well as euros, work the best if this is an option for you. If not, Convertible Pesos (CUCs) is the best choice currency to use.

Prepare Well in Advance

This is critical for both booking flights and lodging; a business trip to Cuba is not one that can easily be thrown together at the last moment. American flights are still limited and fill up fast, and hotel options are much rarer than in places your organization is probably accustomed to doing business. Getting these two significant aspects of a travel itinerary confirmed well beforehand is key.


The well-known artifact of cars from the 1950s can cause headaches for a business traveler. There
are local taxis using modern cars, and trusting local knowledge is important in a vehicular transportation system that still leaves a lot to be desired. Doing it yourself and driving your own car is not generally recommended.

American Restrictions

It's a good idea for your organization to do a full rundown of the scope of restrictions on American travel before a trip. These can range from esoteric to commonplace. One area, in particular, to be concerned about is what you can bring back home with you; currently, only $400.00 worth of souvenirs is legally allowed.

Traveling safely and securely  in Cuba can be challenging, but not insurmountable. Learn all you can before taking your organization to this flourishing island.

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