Timeless Cybersecurity Principles for Every Business

Posted on Sep 22, 2017

To put it simply, cybersecurity can be a difficult task. From keeping up with the latest developments in the constantly evolving world of cyber-threats, to the day-to-day chore of general defense, it proves to be an all-consuming project. This proves to be particularly true for smaller businesses. Beyond complexity and time constraints, world-class cybersecurity also costs money. But, there are low-to-no cost practices that can be employed to help any-sized business to better protect themselves.

Timeless cybersecurity Principles for Every Business

Cybersecurity starts with awareness. Having awareness of the following basic concepts and principles are a good starting point for organizations to begin improving their cybersecurity awareness. Although the cyber-threat environment is ever-changing, your company can be better protected by keeping in mind these three powerful principles:

Concept 1: Compromises and Breaches are Inevitable.

  • Information and data are so complex, and the progression of threats (from the minor to the major) is so constant, that issues will arise.
  • Security never stops, and it is not a single one-time action.
  • Knowing your inevitable vulnerability, you can move on to best practice actions in response.

Concept 2: Default Software Defense Systems Will Run into Issues.

  • All products have vulnerabilities, and default settings can be known by a wide range of personnel (including those who created the security software itself).
  • Malware protection systems will not block everything, but they must be able to tell the good from the bad. Having systems and plans in place for application failure becomes invaluable.        

The First Two Concepts Are Not Theories, but Elemental Facts.

Information protection has been practiced concepts for over a decade now. Meaning even before the inevitable breach arises, organizations are able to troubleshoot.

All businesses have the opportunity to take a proactive approach much like the Department of Defense who have been has investing heavily in systems that minimize the damage post-attack to software and hardware even when their default software defense systems run into varying issues.

Concept 3: We Don't Know it All.

  • Despite those first two concepts, the reality is that cybersecurity defenses are still in their general infancy.
  • Honest cybersecurity contractors will tell you there is no easy solution, and constant evolution is key. The technology, threats, and resources are changing every day. So must the systems designed to protect you from cyber-threat.
  • Always research solutions heavily, and look for a variety of opinions on any complex cybersecurity issue.

By accepting these concepts, your organization will have higher cybersecurity awareness. Staying up to date with relevant cybersecurity threats and methods to protect your organization will provide a positive ROI. For more information on our products and services, contact NC4 any time at 877-624-4999.

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