The necessity of technology in the police industry

Posted on May 29, 2014

As the overall technology industry continues to grow and consumer devices improve, police agencies around the U.S. are moving to adopt new technology to keep up with the pace of innovation. However, according to Phoenix Business Journal, police departments are typically slow when incorporating new technology due to budgetary restrictions.

Police departments aren't necessarily against adopting new technology, but getting budgetary approval or securing adequate funding can be difficult. When police departments receive a large grant for technology, they want to make sure they select versatile software with staying power.


"It's pretty mind-numbing how fast technology has come," said Rick Smith, CEO of Taser, a police technology company, according to the Phoenix Business Journal. "By 2023, computers are expected to surpass the brain power of humans. We live in a world flooded with digital information."

Staying ahead of the curve with new technology

The International Association of Chiefs of Police explained in its January 2014 Technology Policy Framework report, that adopting new police technology can be a difficult task, especially when trying to reinforce operational use training and to make sure it aligns with local, state and federal laws and regulations.

"Technology makes agencies more effective and efficient, and lowers the risk," said Jeff Kukowski, COO of Taser, according to the Phoenix Business Journal. "It's about automating the drudgery and focusing on policing."

Creating transparency with new technological devices or software can immediately improve overall operations. According to the IACP, police departments should use public communication with their newest technology for open decision-making processes. When police officers have access to an all-in-one software that can easily be installed in police vehicle computers, agents stay better connected and more aware.

The appreciation of police technology can be easily met if law enforcement agencies can use it through proper planning, implementation, training and deployment, the IACP reported.

Having the right crime control software with crime map technology could increase situational awareness among officers. A detailed crime map visualizes trends in crime and lets officers make notes about each location for other patrolling agents to see.

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