The Importance of Using Blogs in Policing

Posted on Sep 08, 2017

Creating quicker connections and easing communication flow between police officers in the field is of utmost importance today. Criminals are using mobile phones, social media and online communication tools to take advantage of businesses and community members. Gone are the days where writing down the details of a known perpetrator or suspicious activity and waiting until the end of a shift to submit that data is enough to keep up with criminals.  Today's world needs real-time crime-fighting for law enforcement, and NC4 Street Smart® provides that technology to officers and organizations in the form of visualizing data on maps and the sharing of that data via blogs and bulletins to officers in the field, dispatchers, and analysts.

Real-Time Law Enforcement | The Importance of Using Blogs in PolicingOne of the tools that has been the most successful in changing the flow of crime information, is Blogs.  The Street Smart Crime-Fighting Blog provides a backbone for collaborative problem-solving and brings information to an officer's attention days or weeks faster than traditional methods. NC4's Crime-Fighting Blog breaks down barriers and encourages information flow by providing real-time updates which are available to others in the department. 

Street Smart's Crime-Fighting Blogs are more free-form than a more formal NC4 "Bulletin" and allows everyone to participate in sidebar conversations that can be lost in quick verbal exchanges and end of shift paper notes. Blogs are meant to capture "informal" communication.  After roll call, officers chat and give each other pertinent information that may be remembered later, but may also be lost in the moment. This data isn't formal enough for a "bulletin" or email. However, these tidbits could mean the difference in solving a crime quickly or providing a criminal with more time to commit successive crimes. This information then becomes searchable for others to access. Officers can add written notes, videos, photos, known persons, suspects, MOs, and link it to a district, zone, another crime or other officer's blog. A year from now, officers can go back and access that information that may help in a current case.

This type of real-time unstructured communication is important in lowering crime rates, and encouraging communication across divisions, shifts, job functions, and geographic boundaries. Commanders will often use the blog function for talking to their officers about what is going on in their area, and the officers can respond back to the commanders.  This communication then becomes highly visible, always searchable and available for future reference.

Blogs are an excellent way to capture the information officers need at their fingertips for fighting crime. We would love to show you the power of Street Smart, our real-time crime-fighting technology for law enforcement. Click here to view our demo.

NC4 delivers safety and security solutions that revolutionize how law enforcement organizations collect, manage, share, and disseminate information to reduce cyber threats, fight crime, mitigate risks, manage incidents, and securely communicate and collaborate with other agencies and community stakeholders. NC4's law enforcement technology solutions provide agencies with technology-based tools to improve their efficiency in fighting crime. More specifically, Street Smart enables officers to share relevant, structured and unstructured information in real-time through situation-based bulletins and police blogs – all the while having crime data at their fingertips while out on patrol in their communities. What's more, the intelligence-led NC4 systems also allow police officers to share data with different cities and counties, creating a stronger network and connection to communities across jurisdictions.

For more information on the platforms available to your organization, contact NC4 at 877-624-4999, or feel free to email us anytime at

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