Technology and Law Enforcement Why it Matters

Posted on Apr 12, 2016

Law enforcement technology is changing faster than ever, and these changes are profoundly shaping the way law enforcement agencies operate and how they are budgeted. As such, police departments around the country must keep up-to-date on the latest intelligence-led policing innovations.

NC4 Street Smart - technology that matters

In-Car and Body Camera Systems
In-car and body camera systems have had a major impact on police operations. While the limited view of the camera does not always do justice to giving a complete picture of what is happening, these cameras help in the fight on crime while also encouraging officer professionalism. But, perhaps the most important aspect of these camera systems is that they are able to serve as a witness to a crime when the officer is incapacitated and thus unable to defend himself or herself.

Thermal Imaging
Thermal-imaging devices have multiple uses. Not only can they help locate a fugitive or missing person during a search, but they also can detect where the person or persons have recently been. What's more, this technology can also help identify marijuana greenhouses by their heat signature.

Automatic License Plate Recognition
Automatic license plate recognition systems are able to passively process literally thousands of license plates against a database. This means that while an officer is on his or her shift, the system can be checking the tags of every moving or parked car they pass.

NC4 Street Smart™
Law enforcement's need for sophisticated technology to support mission demands for fighting and reducing crime is ever increasing. NC4 Street Smart provides law enforcement officers with real-time crime data to accurately pinpoint crimes, patterns, and incidents. Being able to conceptualize crime data as points on the map, and combining this with pertinent data obtained from situation-based bulletins and police blogs, enables officers to combat crimes faster. NC4 Street Smart gives police agencies the tools needed to quickly fight and solve crime in order to keep communities and its officers safe.

The adaptation of cutting-edge technology within policing agencies allows them to create a more efficient, effective process to keep surrounding communities safe. For more information on NC4 Street Smart and how this law enforcement technology can help your agency reduce crime, contact us today at 877-624-4999.

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