Soltra Edge® is an industry-driven software that automates processes to share, receive, validate and act on cyber threat intelligence. This documentation will help you in navigating the solution and in getting the most out of using Soltra Edge.


An important feature in Soltra Edge is the use of Tags.


Intelligence can be tagged, helping users organize their threat intelligence. Tags appear on the Object Detail page in search results, and may be used in searches. 


Before you can add a tag to an object you need to classify what tags you will use.


Select "Settings > Tags" to be taken to the Tags page.



Click the "Add" button.



Input the tag name and choose a color for identification and click "Add Tag".



Once you have added all tags you can view them from the "Tags" page.



Tagging an Object


To add a tag to an object, select the object and click the orange "Add Tag" button.



Choose the tag you want to associate with the object.



The object now shows your associated tag in the object detail page.


Note – you can add multiple tags to a single object



Search for Tagged Objects


Select Search from the navigation bar and use key “tag:” and the tag name created to filter out all other data no associated with the tag.



Removing Tags


If you need to remove a tag from an object, simply open the object and click the red X for the tag on the object detail page.




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