Fantastic! You have received the NC4 Street Smart® video mailer that showcases how Street Smart can make a significant difference in crime reduction for your city!

It will look like this:

NC4 Street Smart Video Brochure Package

This package contains a battery-powered rechargeable LCD video display unit loaded with three, one-minute videos. The first video will begin once you open the brochure. Press the police badges on the bottom to select a different video. The arrows on the right control the volume. A charger is included so that you can reuse the display to showcase the videos to others in your city.

Your video brochure includes three videos:

Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Pam Iorio, Chief Jane Castor (ret) and Major Lee Bercaw of Tampa Police speak about crime reduction in Tampa, FL

NC4 Street Smart in Tampa, Bloomington and New Castle County PDs

Mayor Bob Buckhorn on Crime Reduction in Tampa, Florida  


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