South Bloomfield Police Department gets mobile with new tablets

Posted on May 29, 2014

Police departments across the U.S. are beginning to adopt mobile computer devices to help them stop the crime in their cities. As for Ohio's South Bloomfield Police Department, they recently invested in new mobile tablets and applications to help them access information in the field, Circleville Today reported.

Officers can now access critical information such as outstanding warrants, crime map technology, voice command applications and workforce management software all on one convenient device, condensing workflow and improving efficiency.

"[The app] allows users to remotely access Mac or PC desktop apps via their iPad and have the full functionality of the applications they need," Mary Starman, the director of marketing and consumer products at Parallels Access, explained, according to Circleville Today.

Work in the field easier with mobile tablets

Sgt. Robert Dauberman of the South Bloomfield Police Department explained that the app was helping officers obtain information from anywhere, which makes report filing all the easier while in the field.

One of the examples Dauberman was able to tell Circleville Today was when suspects gave him invalid social security numbers, which he was able to check on the spot through a police database on his mobile tablet. The suspect eventually provided his real information, which revealed he had outstanding warrants.

The South Bloomfield Police Department said it's easier to collect information with the new tablets, saving the city money and making the streets safer, the source reported.

"In addition, the native iPad gestures and experience can be used when working with the application," Dauberman added, according to Circleville Today. "The app is a go-to for people on the go, like police officers, who need all access to all of their data while out in the field, without carrying multiple devices."

The Redsland Police Department in Southern California is also using iPads and crime control software, Cite World reported. The devices are letting officers take massive databases with them in the field and are able to check information with a few swipes of the finger.

GPS capabilities that can be accessed on the mobile tablet enable officers to assess their geographic location or the location of a crime scene, potentially cutting down on transit time, among other time-saving benefits.

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