Situational Awareness in the Healthcare Industry

Posted on Aug 01, 2016

Healthcare providers must be hyper aware of their surroundings at all times: a misplaced patient file, the incorrect medication, or using the wrong protocol could mean the difference between a patient quickly recovering and a patient in need of longer hospitalization. A focus on situational awareness is ingrained in the DNA of the healthcare community. In addition, the situational awareness safety net which binds healthcare facilities together with real-time updates on emergency situations, epidemics, and natural disasters to help manage awareness, is essential during the normal course of business, but especially when a health crisis occurs.

Situational Awareness in the Healthcare Industry

Having situational awareness around a large-scale event can help healthcare facilities better manage resources such as:

  • Often, during a cataclysmic event, hospitals and healthcare facilities become overwhelmed by the sheer number of survivors brought through their doors. When hospitals no longer have the room for another patient, known as bed availability, the patient may be transferred to another facility. Knowing bed availability of healthcare facilities within the realm of the disaster will determine where care can be most rapidly provided, which can help save patient lives. The NC4 Healthcare Solution provides real-time access to HAvBED data.
  • Disease surveillance data is practical compendia showing where a specific disease originated, has traveled, and is more likely to strike. With this information at hand, hospitals are better prepared with resources and personnel.
  • As a healthcare emergency unfolds, hospitals need to stay vigilant on supplies as they are consumed. Vendors and healthcare professionals within the network where the emergency is occurring should be easy to contact.

NC4 Healthcare Solution gives visual information on vendor location to determine whether any of the roads, airports, or shipping lines are impacted. 

Situational awareness of healthcare crises, either long- or short-term, allows hospitals and other healthcare facilities to better manage patient care. The NC4 Healthcare Solution updates care centers of worldwide events as they occur that could affect its employees and resources. Contact us at 877-624-4999 to learn more about the NC4 Healthcare Solution and situational awareness.

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