Soltra Edge® is an industry-driven software that automates processes to share, receive, validate and act on cyber threat intelligence. This documentation will help you in navigating the solution and in getting the most out of using Soltra Edge.


Soltra Edge Sites allows you to connect to a shared feed from another compliant TAXII server.


Setting up a Site 


Click "Settings > Sites".



Select the drop down and choose “Add a Site”.





The "Add Site" wizard will appear.



Go though each step and populate the required fields.



If your site does not require two-way certificates you can click the green "next" button to move to the remaining screens. 



If your network is not using a proxy connection, leave all fields blank and select the blue "Add Site" button. 


Once the site is configured, your page will refresh and show the added site.



Click the linked site name to configure the site.



Configuring your Site



Click the blue “+” sign in the “Unconfigured Feeds” section.



Select your desired configuration for this site and select the blue “Configure Feed” button.



Periodic – state your polling period in minutes

Wall-clock Interval – use the drop down to select your polling interval

Manual – input a manual state and time range to being your poll.

Inbox – point the site data to a virtual inbox



The “Connection” tab allows you to configure your site for Two-way as well as clear your current site credentials, change your site log in credentials, and update the site with the changes made.


Two-way Site Setup


A Two-way set up requires the use of certificates. To use Two-way, you will need to upload your two-way user accounts.


Uploading Two-way Certificates


Select the “Connection” option as seen above and below.



Choose the blue “Upload” button and the “Upload Two-Way Certificate box appears allowing you to copy and paste your certificate and private key into the specified windows.



Use the .pem file you receive from your Soltra Edge administrator (site administrator you are connecting) and open it with a text editor like notepad/++, textwrangler, textedit, etc.

Copy and paste starting with leading hashes and copying to the end of the hashes for both the certificate and private key file. Copy and paste these into the appropriate boxes and select the blue “Upload” button.


Clearing Saved Site Certificates


To clear saved site certificates, use the orange "Clear" button.



Select the orange "Clear Certificate" button.



Change Login


If you need to change your username or password used for a configured site, select the blue “Change Login” button.



Populate the Username and Password fields with your new site credentials and select the blue “Update Login” button.





If your network requires your Edge to use a proxy to poll, populate the “Proxy” area of your Site.



Activity Log


You can view the polling activity of your configured site by viewing the “Activity Log”.





Push enables the Soltra Edge client to push data to the TAXII server. If the TAXII server is a Soltra Edge appliance, the user account used for the push will either be allowed this push option or denied it via the user account permissions stated in the Soltra Edge Users’ profile.


Setting up Push



Select the green arrows (shown above) next to the available feed you would like to push and populate the “Destination Collection/s” and push interval and select the blue “Connect Feed” button.

Note: If there are no available feeds you have not created any feeds to share.



Your page will refresh to reveal the “Connected Feeds” area populated.



If the manual scheduling type was chosen, you will need to select the green play button as shown in the screenshot above.


Sharing History


The “Sharing History” tab allows you to view the push activity.




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