Showcasing the Future of High Tech Crime Fighting at the 2017 Tampa Crime Fighting Symposium

Posted on Mar 29, 2017 by Rob Wolf, Vice President, NC4 Public Safety

Police officers are working tirelessly to pound the pavement to keep their jurisdictions safe, forging strong partnerships and relationships with their communities.

However, the last mile in helping officers reduce both the number of crimes and the time necessary to solve crimes is through technology.

It's true that today, patrol officers have more databases and information feeds at their fingertips than ever before. While the potential is enormous, so are the potential challenges. With information overload and many officers having to juggle multiple sites, databases and systems -  it's difficult to connect the dots, fight crime and share information with other officers in real-time.

Intelligence-led Policing| The Future of High-Tech Crime Fighting</I had the pleasure of meeting with more than 30 commanding officers from police departments across the United States recently at the 2017 Tampa Crime-Fighting Symposium, co-located with the Gasparilla Pirate Fest in Tampa, Florida, to discuss these issues and unveil NC4's path forward.

You may ask, what does a pirate parade have to do with fighting crime?

Quite a lot, actually: It gave us the chance to show these commanding officers how the Tampa PD, once #2 in the nation in crime, reduced Part 1 Crime by 75%, since its peak in 2003, with the help of NC4 Street Smart, an award-winning in-car crime-fighting platform that offers real-time crime reporting, analysis, and mapping. In addition, the time needed to make an arrest has dropped by 33%.

The Pirate Fest involves approximately 300,000 people flooding the streets, dozens of officers scrutinizing the events on more than 40 computer monitors, and big-screen TVs projecting live footage of city streets from mobile cameras in five trailers as well as stationary traffic cameras.

Most important, nearly a thousand officers are on the streets of Tampa working 12-hour days to ensure the 300,000 partiers are safe and secure with the help of NC4 Street Smart.

Throughout the three-day symposium, we had attendees go on ride alongs with members of the Tampa Police Department (TPD) to see NC4 Street Smart in action and hear their success stories on how they can:

  • Surface multiple data feeds in one system to quickly analyze information to draw conclusions which results in actionable items that reduce crime
  • Combine structured and unstructured data for a single view of all information the organization has in one, simple-to-use solution
  • Visualize crime center information on a map to identify patterns and quickly pinpoint potential targets
  • Quickly blog information and share it with fellow officers for immediate collaboration, in addition to traditional reporting
  • Easily integrate NC4 Street Smart with your third-party or homegrown RMS and CAD systems

If you weren't able to join us at the Symposium, you can still experience the NC4 Street Smart difference.

Watch our video to learn more about TPD's experience, then

Click Here to experience the power of NC4 Street Smart with our five-minute, fully customizable demo.

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