Serious fires in L A cause damage delays

Posted on Dec 10, 2014

A fire raged in the Los Angeles metropolitan area overnight from December 7 to December 8, stretching the resources of firefighters and other first responders who sought to fight the blaze and provide support services. The Los Angeles Times reported severe damage to an apartment complex still under construction, while also affecting two other inhabited, multi-tenant buildings. The fire, which was visible miles away from the site, also caused both local and highway road closures to protect drivers and allow first responders the space needed to effectively combat the blaze. Affected roads included I-110 and the I-101 freeway, both major arteries in the L.A. area.

Firefighters in the LA area had to contend with a major blaze that closed area highways


Size can't be understated
While the cause of the fire is still under investigation as officials compile evidence and inspect the site - dogs trained in the scents of accelerants were brought in, according to The Los Angeles Times - the level of damage incurred is generally recognized as severe. The apartment building where the fire originated took up an area equivalent to a city block and, owing to its large size, included approximately 1.3 million square feet of floor space. At least two thirds of the structure was damaged in the fire, which generated enough heat to melt signs in the area and cause many windows on adjacent buildings to explode.


No casualties
Reuters said despite the intensity of the fire and its effects on occupied buildings near the site of the blaze, there were no serious injuries or fatalities reported. This was true even though the fire caused damage to nearby buildings housing tenants. The major concerns for firefighters after the initial extinguishing were dealing with potential hotspots in the area as well as finding the initial cause of the fire. Approximately 250 firefighters were involved in the effort to control the blaze, and it took about four hours for the fire to be brought completely under control.


Travel problems
The fire wasn't close to the Los Angeles International Airport, but it did cause some significant delays to people who needed to use both I-110 and I-101 as well as local roads to reach a destination. Corporate travel wasn't particularly impacted, thanks in part to the timing of the fire. However, businesses with staff members traveling in the area experienced some delays, especially for those using either of the interstates in the area.

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