Security management relies on sensible risk assessment

Posted on Mar 18, 2014

While a security team might not find operational risk management the most captivating aspect of their job, it could be the most significant element to organizational security, reported Threatpost.

At the Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit, Steve Adegbite, senior vice president of enterprise information security and strategy at Wells Fargo, said that security is basically forecasted on the ideas that changed and evolved through the hundreds of years of brick and mortar physical security, according to the source.


Adegbite's presentation suggested the logical progressions in corporate security should follow the rudimental risk assessments that kept humans alive for the entirety of their existence.

"Operational risk management is a key component of any security practice," Adegbite said in a synopsis of his briefing, according to Threatpost. "This principle has been exercised since the dawn of time when cave men weighed the outcome of certain scenarios … [such as the] risk of hunting that wild animal to eat or having that wild animal eat him."

Businesses have to realize that zero-days are an ill-fated likelihood that their security measures and practices will someday fail. Companies can't simply understand the information they hold and why it's valuable to certain people. Businesses need to know that there are uncontrollable factors in managing security.

If the plan seems perfect, its not

Adegbite explains that if a business falls in love with its risk management plan, and consider it to be completely spotless - companies are practically missing the whole point of a risk management plan. According to Security Week, security management should design plans to fail since malfunctions are bound to eventually happen. The biggest aspect is for businesses to limit an incident's effect on the company's reputation.

Businesses have to make sure their risk management plan isn't static and that companies are constantly fine-tuning and editing the plan to be ready for any sort of incident, reported Security Week. Incidents like natural disasters happen in an the blink of an eye, and companies have to be ready with the right defense strategy. Businesses have to understand why their system failed originally, and make a better plan for the next time.

Companies should consider a security management strategy that can protect their money down the line as well as right now, and they need to stay up to date with the latest risk management software.

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