Second Round of Severe Storms Headed for California

Posted on Dec 18, 2014

After a multi-year drought, rain is often good news for areas deprived of water. However, residents of some parts of California are less than pleased with the torrential rain and other associated hallmarks of severe weather that have been impacting areas of the state in December. Both coastal and inland areas were hit by a major storm during the first half of the month, with the northern portion of the state taking the brunt of the heaviest rain and winds. A second rainstorm is expected to hit the area during the middle of December, adding the potential for more damage as well as treacherous travel conditions.

Severe rain in California is causing problems for residents and businesses alike

Travel problems during the first storm

Although it's difficult to measure intensity before a storm hits and successfully compare it to another one, northern California could be in for some major challenges if the new weather system is anything like the one that hit earlier in December. San Francisco Bay Area news station ABC 7 reported that massive accidents, including two tractor-trailers jackknifing on I-680 and cars losing control and leaving roadways, were caused by the severe downpour. Travel for a significant amount of commuters was impacted by the weather event, including those traveling on both local roads and highways. The Associated Press reported mudslides in areas where forest fires had damaged plants and root systems, with the danger continuing for the second storm as well.

What's predicted

KTLA, a Los Angeles-area news station, has predicted that the approaching storm will be stronger than the first, at least in the southern portion of the state. Along with heavy rain and potential mudslides, strong winds and flooding are possible. These could be especially difficult for area residents and businesses to deal with as many are still cleaning up after the first storm. The National Weather Service additionally told KTLA that a tornado was possible, although it's far from certain that one will hit the area.

Staying informed

California is one of the country's economic giants, so it's no surprise that many companies have some kind of presence in the state. Having an accurate crisis management system in place allows businesses to stay informed about potential danger that could harm employees or assets in a given area, no matter where a company's physical headquarters is located.


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