Rochester Experiences a Decrease in Violent Crime Due to Adoption of Intelligence Led Policing

Posted on Jun 22, 2016

Nationwide, violent crime is experiencing an upswing with many cities noting an increase of nearly 4%. Rochester, New York, is an exception to this statistic, however, with violent crimes falling approximately 3% for 2015, according to Rochester Police Chief Roger Peterson. He states the main component to turning the tide on violent crimes is the department's use of intelligence-led policing. Rochester's department was able to focus resources where they are necessary at the time crimes are more likely to occur by utilizing crime software. While not being used specifically by the city of Rochester, NC4 Street Smart technology is one such crime software tool that many organizations have found to be extremely helpful in community policing and crime prevention.

Crime Software | Intelligence-Led Policing & Reduction in Crime</Chief Peterson noted that the demand for public safety has increased in recent years. In 2013, 12,455 police reports were filed. That number increased to 15,680 in 2014 and further escalated to 16,463 for 2015. With a limited budget, it was not feasible to hire additional manpower, so the focus shifted to using the existing officers more effectively.

Intelligence-led policing allowed the Rochester police department to efficiently use manpower in the areas of the city where crime was most prevalent. Using data-driven maps and charts, officers were able to pinpoint activity and ensure a police presence was within the vicinity at the times when more criminal activity occurred. The computer data gave shift commanders the ability to restructure patrol areas, shifts, and hours. With the same number of officers from previous years, the intelligence-led reorganization of personnel was able to reverse the trend of violent crime.

This efficient use of patrol officers earned Rochester's police department kudos from the city council, which agreed to grant much-needed assistance to the police department in the form of four additional officers for the coming year. Council member Ed Hruska proudly stated, "The level of public safety in our community is one of the best that I know of."

Give your public safety team cutting-edge data with intelligent-led software such as NC4 Street Smart. Tracking crime by collecting data and displaying it in a variety of formats to allow officers to quickly assess frequency of arrests, time of incidents, incident reports, officer memos, and myriad other facts pertaining to law enforcement. This gives patrol officers an immediate crime software resource that will save time, effort, and ultimately, lives.

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