Risk Management and Your Warehouse Are You Doing Enough

Posted on Jun 27, 2016

Warehouses are often underappreciated until something interrupts transport from or to in this critical link of the supply chain. At that point, the realization of the importance of this simple "storage area" is recognized. Protecting your warehouse, and all other aspects of your supply chain, demand the critical eye of a risk mitigation program. Our team of experts offer business continuity awareness analysis with real-time alerts to enhance situational awareness across your supply chain, including warehouses. The information below presents ideas on how to protect the warehouse in your supply chain both inside and out.

Business Continuity Awareness | Risk Management & Your Warehouse</
  • Microchips: Radio frequency identification (RFID) microchips affixed to packages allow quick access to parts to determine their precise location. These real-time updates can be traced via most mobile devices. If an item is lost en route, RFID can give its last logged location to more accurately determine where it may have been lost in transit.
  • Source Tagging: Another tracking resource manufacturers place on items or parts to track each piece as it is shipped is source tagging. Knowing when a manufactured item leaves the facility of origin, enters and departs the warehouse, and is shipped to the buyer gives instant responses to customer requests.
  • Closed-Circuit Televisions: RFID and HD CCTV precisely follow inventory as it flows through the warehouse. For an even closer look, high-definition megapixel closed circuit televisions (HD CCTVs) allow viewers to recognize forms not just as people, but to note individual facial features.
  • Controlled Access: Access control of a warehouse at each point of entry ensures the vehicles and personnel have legitimate reasons for entering the facility. Automatic number plate recognition, biometrics such as fingerprint recognition, and the use of smartcards are all technologies that can increase warehouse safety and security.

These security measures, along with NC4 Risk Center™, give your business the ability to monitor, gather, and analyze potential risks, increase awareness of dangerous situations, and improve intelligence sharing. Call 877-624-4999 to speak with an NC4 risk management specialist concerning business continuity and risk management.

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