Risk Identification Could Help Through Southern Calif Mudslides

Posted on Mar 10, 2014

After recent wild fires and a severe drought in Southern California, suburbs near Los Angeles saw more problems after the torrential downpour caused mudslides in Glendora and other neighborhoods, reported CNN.

A mandatory evacuation was ordered to the towns of Azusa, Monrovia and Glendora after rainfall from massive thunderstorms failed to soak into the ground. The destroyed vegetation from recent wildfires created a deadly and muddy mixture that poured down hills and over the landscape. According to CNN, residents and businesses in these areas were alerted with risk identification information and had time to avoid the incident altogether with no reported deaths.

Risk Identification Could Help Through Southern Calif Mudslides

California has been in one of its worst droughts in nearly 100 years, but the first large rainstorm brought even more problems to locals in the area. According to NBC News, Los Angeles had 3 inches of rain on Feb. 28, which was more than double in one day than the total 1.2 inches the city received since July 1, 2013.

The local authorities evacuated more than 1,000 residents in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains through the weekend.

"If you choose to not heed those mandatory evacuations, you must understand something: As long as the mud is flowing, the fire department cannot get to you," Steven Martin, the Los Angeles County assistant fire chief told NBC News.

Increasing situational awareness

Businesses surrounding the areas of the mudslide have to increase their situational awareness as well. Flash floods and mudslides happen in an instant, and most businesses don't have enough time to react once they find out about an evacuation or threat. According to CNN, there were several close calls with people near the mudslides, but luckily no one was reported injured from the intense storm.

Having access to relevant incident information can help businesses avoid risks and financial threats during an crisis. NC4 Risk Center quickly alerts customers about incidents surrounding their business that could threaten the life and safety of employees, physical assets or business continuity. NC4 has a team of trained analysts to provide up-to-date incident reporting to its customers.

In the event of a severe rainstorm, companies can obtain fast and accurate information about nearby power outages, flash floods and mudslides to be able to quickly make a decision before the incident causes financial or physical damage.


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