Remembering the Legacy of Deputy Rickey Warren

Posted on Oct 20, 2016

Deputy Rickey Warren spent his career helping at-risk youth in his community turn their lives around and make better choices. As he retires from the Sheriff's Office, NC4 with the Sarasota County Sheriff's office would like to remember his legacy and thank him for the impact he made on the community.


Deputy Warren was one of the corrections officers involved with Camp X-RAYD, a program designed to help juvenile offenders who have substance abuse issues or have exhibited other risky behaviors to understand the risks and reality of their actions. He used the skills he gained during his time in the military as a Drill Sergeant to get through to the teens that came through the program.

"His voice could almost make you cry," said Katy McBrayer, who went through the Camp X-RAYD program when she was 14. "It was very scary, but concerned, and by the end of it you realized that he cared."

Deputy Warren says he loves his job and the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. He recalls the obstacles he had to overcome in his life and says he wants to lead by example for the kids he comes into contact with.

"I try to turn every negative into a positive," said Deputy Warren, "I try to show these kids if I can do it so can you."

"It was people like Rickey Warren that reached out and in one day changed someone's entire life forever," said McBrayer, "I remember leaving Camp X-RAYD and getting into the car with my mom and being like I am so sorry. I think that people like that afford others happiness which is the most important thing."

While the community thanks Deputy Warren for his service, Deputy Warren says he owes it all to his family at the Sheriff's Office.

"Thank you for teaching me, thank you for giving me the guidance, thank you for giving me the direction and thank you for believing in me," said Warren. "They did, they believed in me, now I believe in myself."

For more information on Camp X-RAYD you can visit the website at

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