Protecting Your Companys Social Media Platforms

Posted on Apr 03, 2017

Every modern company, directly and indirectly, will have some attachment and representation in emerging social media platforms. A well-run social media presence can be extremely beneficial, from contacting customers directly to being on the front lines of shaping your image. Pew Research released a study showing 90 percent of adults aged 18-29 use social media; hence, it's a valuable market and battleground for company identity. But there are also drawbacks, and protecting your company's social feeds is a critical job. Cybersecurity awareness must extend to every individual that has access to your systems, and guidelines should be in place to direct employees on proper response and recovery processes.

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One of the things that can make social media such a difficult proposition for a large organization is the speed with which it moves. A story can break and a narrative can advance within hours, meaning your teams must be on constant alert. But threats do not end simply with media response-time issues, as they are more complex than that; hacked accounts, rogue employees posting without consent, poorly-protected passwords, and phishing attacks all must be on your radar. Your company's social media cybersecurity capability will hinge to some degree on these concepts:

1.  Consolidated Social Media Management

With the array of platforms and an abundance of ways that they can be accessed by people on your team, it's important to try and consolidate this as much as possible. Having one official outlet via which you can post on everything from Twitter to LinkedIn helps keep your social media output in order and more secure.

2.  Employee Education

Not everyone will understand the effect they can have on company image via their own social media platforms, but it is important that everyone appreciates the vulnerabilities and benefits of a fully connected world as genuinely as possible.

3.  Weak Passwords and Malicious Downloads

Simple but vital, company-based social media platforms are often hacked via weak passwords, malicious links from e-mails, and downloads tied with phishing attacks. Work to shore up all three.

4.  Up-to-Date Security Software

Knowledge and guidelines will go a long way, but so will straightforward and up-to-date security software.

5.  Adapt and Respond

Even with the best processes in place, something may go awry. With so many different risks and an ever expanding social media landscape, it's best to have a communications platform like NC4's Cyber Threat Exchange to keep tabs on the evolving cyber threat environment.

Social media is bound to have a continuing effect on your company's outward communications and messaging. NC4® has the tools and the knowledge to help your organization in this brave new world of cybersecurity awareness. Call us anytime for more information at 877-624-4999.

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