Protecting Europe Bound Employees

Posted on Jan 30, 2017

Traveling abroad to any place on the globe presents its own set of unique challenges and risks. Employers need to be as cognizant as possible of every potential risk when they are deploying employees around the world on official business. This winter, however, there are some distinctive risk factors that need to be assessed when sending your team to one of the more common markets: Europe. To be clear, business travel to Europe is still one of the safest locations to send employees, and heightened awareness should by no means discourage trips. However, good travel risk management takes all risks as seriously and professionally as possible and deploys an array of measures to cover security issues.

Travel Risk Management | Protecting Europe-Bound Employees</In late November of this year, the U.S. State Department took the somewhat unusual step (at least in modern times) of issuing a winter travel warning to Europe. The alert cited "credible information" that there was a risk of terror overseas, particularly around the holiday season. The alert came directly after a terrorist plot was said to have been stopped by French authorities during a round of raids. On December 20th, a truck was deliberately driven into a Berlin Christmas market. While the holidays are over, the heightened risk is not. This warning lasts until February 20, 2017.

An important question arises: what can be done for the business traveler with this back drop? For starters, risk is everywhere in both life and travel: paralysis in the face of fear, even on remote odds, is never an answer. What is important is to understand the steps you and your employees can take when traveling overseas to ensure the safest possible trip this holiday season. Simple things, like being aware of both the locations and contact information for American embassies (any well-traveled American will stress how vital this knowledge can become in a pinch), or logging your team's travel plans with the State Department go a long way. Know the local emergency contacts as well; every country in (and outside) of the E.U. is going to have a different system. And finally, your employees need to have a strong grasp of their organizations travel risk guidelines and resources.

Additionally, it's great to have a software system on your team's side that can assist in the rapid paced art form that is travel risk management. It is here, in the face of European travel uncertainty, that a system like the NC4 Risk Center™ can be of great use. Used for rapid communication on any unfolding situation, as well as an open flow of more common information, having a solid software system in place can enhance situational awareness when traveling this winter. Call today at 877-624-4999, or e-mail at, for more information on our solutions.

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