City of Dallas Continues to see Results with E Team®

NC4® announced today that the City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management (OEM) will fully engage the services of NC4 and expand their usage of the E Team solution. E Team provides the Dallas OEM with a common operating picture that enables vital information sharing across the region and helps expedite the response/recovery times during emergencies and disasters. The ability to quickly and easily share vital information through the E Team solution increases the efficiency and accuracy of threat, incident and recovery information.

Federal News Radio Interview with George Johnson

Federal News Radio
George Johnson, NC4 Chief Security Officer, was recently interviewed by Federal News Radio on the subject of sharing information in a secure environment. Click here to listen to the recording.

Social media for officers helps local agencies share information

The Tampa Tribune
Police officials have likened NC4 Street Smart to a social media network for officers — allowing them quickly to post photos, maps and blogs right from their patrol cars.

Tampa police crime solving software gets shared
"It's social media for law enforcement,' said Tampa Police Department's Public Information Officer, Laura McElroy. "Cops log on, they can blog, share information, and they can create bulletins very quickly. And in the past it's always been just the Tampa Police Department using it but now the whole Tampa Bay region will be able to go use this social media for all law enforcement."

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