NC4® partners with CyberTech to deliver combined Law Enforcement Solution

NC4® has partnered with CyberTech to work to deliver end-to-end solutions for law enforcement that will bring enhanced tools and analytics to the crime fight. The combined solutions will enable real-time crime centers, back office analysts and front line patrol officers and deputies to share information to solve crime faster.

NC4® Announces the Appointment of New President, Karl Kotalik

NC4® announced today that following a successful 14-year tenure as NC4’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Jim Montagnino will continue as CEO and transfer his duties as President to another executive. The company also announced that Karl Kotalik, Vice President of NC4’s Global Strategy and Intelligence, will assume the role of President. Kotalik has more than 30 years of experience implementing technology solutions for government and large corporations. He was also responsible for much of the vision and creation of the NC4 Risk Center solution in early 2004.

NC4® to Showcase Real-Time Law Enforcement Technology at IACP Conference

NC4® will be showcasing the real-time, award-winning, crime-fighting solution, NC4 Street Smart® at the 124th International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center from October 21-24, 2017. Our customer base has experienced double-digit crime reduction numbers in Part 1 crimes with the help of Street Smart. The Tampa Police Department (TPD), once #2 in the nation in crime, has reduced Part 1 Crime by 75% since its peak in 2003. In addition, the amount of time needed to make an arrest has dropped by 33% with the help of Street Smart.

Cyber Defense Network announced for Financial Services Industry

NC4® announces the Cyber Defense Network for the Financial Services Industry (CDN/FS). The new program will include cyber threat intelligence sharing among members coupled with defensive action capabilities that individual member companies can use.

NC4 to Showcase Advancements at ASIS International Conference

NC4® is excited to announce an expanded user interface and mapping to provide advanced capabilities for NC4 Risk Center™ users. Risk Center will be showcased at the 63rd Annual ASIS International Conference in Dallas, TX at the Kay Bailey Convention Center from September 26th – 28th.

Facebook is making its Safety Check feature permanent

Naked Security
Facebook Safety Check, the tool that lets users tell friends if they’re OK when disaster strikes, has earned itself a permanent home. Facebook announced on Monday that starting now and continuing through the coming weeks, Safety Check is rolling out as one, central place to check on friends and post your own status. If you don’t see it yet, hang tight: it’s on its way. In June, the company said that it would be adding more details about given crises. The context is sourced from NC4, a third-party global crisis reporting agency.

NC4 Street Smart® chosen by Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and surrounding agencies to help reduce crime in the County

NC4® announced today that the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and thirteen surrounding law enforcement agencies, located on the Northeast Coast of Florida, have chosen NC4 Street Smart® to help their forces fight crime within their jurisdictions. With 460 sworn at the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and over 750 sworn at the surrounding agencies, this solution will allow over 1,200 sheriff deputies and police officers to stay apprised of activities and to collaborate with each other using situation-based bulletins, secure blogs and case management tools that optimize the sharing of crime-related information.

NC4’s E Team® solution proves instrumental in successful emergency preparedness simulation, Operation Gotham Shield

In a joint exercise, the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA, together with local law enforcement agencies, took part in a simulation exercise to test emergency preparedness in the event of a large-scale threat. NC4’s E Team® solution was at the forefront of this exercise, providing comprehensive, real-time situational awareness to assist emergency responders.

NC4® Lands Contract with the California Department of Health

NC4® announced today a contract award with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to support California's public health and medical emergency response activities. NC4 worked with the CDPH to develop strategic software offering incident command and real-time data to assist them in their efforts to protect the public health and shape positive health outcomes for individuals, families, and communities in the Golden State.

NC4® Announces General Availability of CTX-Soltra Edge™ 2.10

NC4® announced today the general availability of CTX-Soltra Edge™ 2.10. The CTX-Soltra Edge solutions enable two-way sharing capabilities with DHS AIS in support of our nation’s stance around cyber information sharing, and the new release introduces multiple licensing options that will further improve the cyber defense of communities and companies who share threat intelligence.

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