NC4® partners with CyberTech to deliver combined Law Enforcement Solution

Posted on Oct 23, 2017

EL SEGUNDO, CA – October 23, 2017 – NC4®, a leader in revolutionizing safety and security and an innovator in public safety and emergency management solutions has partnered with CyberTech to work to deliver end-to-end solutions for Law Enforcement that will bring enhanced tools and analytics to the crime fight. The combined solutions will enable real-time crime centers, back office analysts and front line patrol officers and deputies to share information to solve crime faster. 

CyberTech’s Advanced Intelligence Led Policing platform GeoShield, consolidates crime management data from sources such as CAD, RMS, AVL, IP Camera Systems, other public safety information systems and now NC4 Street Smart with location mapping and spatial analytics in real time equipping Law Enforcement Agencies with actionable intelligence to improve public safety. GeoShield is the premier solution for highly trained crime analysts to easily access, consolidate, analyze and distribute actionable intelligence in a real-time crime or fusion center. 

NC4 Street Smart is a state-of-the-art tool that provides real-time crowd-sourcing of crime data to keep officers informed and protected as they patrol our streets. NC4 Street Smart organizes all the organization’s information and delivers it in a simple interface designed for frontline crime fighters. It allows agencies to stop fighting crime in email or spreadsheets and organizes both the structured and unstructured data making it easily accessible to the frontline. A quick search of a subject’s name crawls all data available to the organization – from traditional sources like CAD and RMS to electronic station logbooks, bulletins, offender lists and other structured data sources. In addition to structured sources, NC4 Street Smart brings collaborative crowd-sourcing tools, such as blogs, that allow officers to communicate naturally. 

The joint capabilities will combine the fully integrated ESRI ArcGIS services and the advanced analytics found in GeoShield with Street Smart’s data gathering and frontline visualization tools to create an advanced crime-fighting solution unparalleled in the industry. Existing Street Smart customers will have the ability to add on advanced analytics including GIS while existing GeoShield customers will have the ability to use real-time crime fighting tools designed for front-line officers. 

“We are coming together to combine our solutions to advance the ability for agencies to fight crime and make it easier for Law Enforcement to solve crimes quickly,” said Rob Wolf, Vice President of Public Safety for NC4. “We are excited to formally announce this partnership and execute our shared vision and look forward to what we can build together.”

“Combining GeoShield and Street Smart extends our collective capabilities in delivering the most comprehensive crime management/intelligence led policing solutions cost effectively,” said Vince Rosales, Vice President and Head of GeoShield for CyberTech. “CyberTech and NC4’s long time association paves the way for a successful partnership that will increase the value and benefit our solutions bring to Law Enforcement.” 

NC4 (Booth #1801) and CyberTech (Booth #2801, in with Esri) are providing demonstrations of their solutions at the IACP Conference. Attendees can stop by to learn more about the partnership and receive a product demo.

About NC4

NC4 delivers safety and security solutions for both business and government organizations. They revolutionize how organizations and communities collect, manage, share and disseminate information to reduce cyber threats, fight crime, mitigate risks, and manage incidents. NC4 also provides cyber-threat sharing solutions both through secure collaboration services and recently through automated, structured and standardized (STIX/TAXII) mechanisms (via their acquisition of Soltra Edge).

NC4 solutions are used by private-sector companies involved in financial services, high-tech, insurance, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, as well as other industries. In the public sector, NC4 solutions are used by federal, state and local agencies in homeland security, emergency management and Law Enforcement disciplines.

NC4 takes a comprehensive and integrated approach to safety and security by providing: cyber- threat exchanges that drive the development of a sharing culture and circles of trust; global security and travel intelligence, analysis, traveler tracking, and relevant real-time threat alerting to mitigate enterprise risks and a common operating picture for fighting crime and managing emergencies.

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About CyberTech

CyberTech Systems and Software is a leader in Enterprise Spatial Analytics. Our strategic partnerships with the world’s leading technology corporations SAP, Esri, Microsoft and Cisco are aimed at enabling enterprises to integrate location analytics seamlessly into their business environment. For more information and past results & conference call transcripts, please visit our web site For GeoShield, 


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