NC4® Announces the Appointment of New President, Karl Kotalik

Posted on Oct 18, 2017

El Segundo, CA – October 18, 2017 - NC4®, a leader in revolutionizing safety and security and an innovator in public-safety and cyber-security solutions, announced today that following a successful 14-year tenure as NC4’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Jim Montagnino will continue as CEO and transfer his duties as President to another executive. The company also announced that Karl Kotalik, Vice President of NC4’s Global Strategy and Intelligence, will assume the role of President. Kotalik has more than 30 years of experience implementing technology solutions for government and large corporations. He was also responsible for much of the vision and creation of the NC4 Risk Center™ solution in early 2004.

“Karl’s appointment is an exciting milestone in the evolution of NC4,” says Aubrey Chernick, NC4 Founder. “Karl’s leadership style, technology implementation background and industry expertise will build on the success Jim has helped NC4 achieve over the last decade. Karl will focus on helping the company realize its strategic objectives.”

Kotalik will assume the role as NC4 President starting January 1, 2018, and Montagnino will remain as CEO through March 2018. Montagnino will also stay involved and support strategic initiatives of the company as Chairman of the Advisory Board through March 2019.

“I am excited about the potential for NC4 under Karl’s leadership,” said Jim Montagnino, current President and CEO for NC4. “Under Karl’s direction, I have no doubt NC4 will continue to revolutionize how the market monitors and manages physical and cyber-security risk.”

During his time at NC4, Kotalik worked to establish the NC4 International Monitoring Centers that report physical risk information into NC4 Risk Center and has lead corporate strategy across NC4 solutions. Prior to NC4, Kotalik worked for Candle Corporation, a large systems management software and services company acquired by IBM in April 2004. He held a variety of positions in systems development, strategic systems planning, product marketing and product management. Kotalik also had assignments helping expand Candle’s international operations in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Prior to joining Candle, Kotalik worked as a management consultant with the firm of Price Waterhouse. His clients included major corporations in the financial services, entertainment, healthcare and technology industries.

Kotalik holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Economics from the University of Southern California as well as a Master’s Degree in Communications Technology and Management from the Annenberg School at the University of Southern California.

“I look forward to building upon our success with NC4 Risk Center that provides valuable and actionable physical threat information as well as successfully launching NC4’s Cyber Defense Network that improves cyber threat intelligence leading to more effective and timely defensive actions,” said Karl Kotalik.

About NC4

NC4 delivers safety and security solutions for both business and government organizations. They revolutionize how organizations and communities collect, manage, share and disseminate information to reduce cyber threats, fight crime, mitigate risks, and manage incidents. NC4 also provides cyber-threat sharing solutions both through secure collaboration services and recently through automated, structured and standardized (STIX/TAXII) mechanisms (via their acquisition of Soltra Edge).

NC4 solutions are used by private-sector companies involved in financial services, high-tech, insurance, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, as well as other industries. In the public sector, NC4 solutions are used by federal, state and local agencies in homeland security, emergency management and law enforcement disciplines.

NC4 takes a comprehensive and integrated approach to safety and security by providing: cyber- threat exchanges that drive the development of a sharing culture and circles of trust; global security and travel intelligence, analysis, traveler tracking, and relevant real-time threat alerting to mitigate enterprise risks and a common operating picture for fighting crime and managing emergencies.

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