NC4® Lands Contract with the California Department of Health

Posted on Jun 06, 2017

EL SEGUNDO, CA – June 6, 2017 – NC4®, a leader in revolutionizing safety and security and an innovator in public safety and emergency management solutions, is excited to announce they’ve been awarded a contract with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to support California’s public health and medical emergency response activities. NC4 worked with the CDPH to develop strategic software offering incident command and real-time data to assist them in their efforts to protect the public health and shape positive health outcomes for individuals, families, and communities in the Golden State. The software is expected to go live by June 30, 2017. 

“The health and safety of California’s citizens is our top priority at the California Department of Public Health. When disaster strikes, time is of the essence. The technological solutions offered through NC4 will help the CDPH Emergency Preparedness Office to quickly prepare for, prevent, respond to, and recover from incidents while protecting the safety of our citizens,” said Jason Baker, Chief of Emergency Response at the California Department of Public Health.

Through the implementation of new software solutions including E Team® and NC4 Risk Center™, the CDPH is better equipped to anticipate and prevent risks to public health and safety while also working cooperatively with other government agencies to respond to and recover from incidents occurring within their jurisdictions. The NC4 Risk Center solution provides comprehensive, real- time global risk visibility and alerts, enhancing situational awareness for the CDPH and its employees. Moreover, combined with the common operating picture provided in E Team, the CDPH is well-suited to address and manage any potential threats to safety or public health.

The CDPH Emergency Preparedness Office, in collaboration with state and federal partners, provides public health and medical emergency response support for 58 counties and three local health jurisdictions, environmental health departments, and emergency medical systems throughout California.

Most recently, the CDPH worked to control a series of seasonal norovirus outbreaks. While norovirus illnesses don’t require medical care, facilities such as schools can face tremendous setbacks if an outbreak occurs. With the solutions offered from NC4, the CDPH will have comprehensive risk mitigation technology to assist in locating, controlling, and disinfecting areas affected by outbreaks and other public health threats.

About NC4

NC4 delivers safety and security solutions for both business and government organizations. We revolutionize how organizations and communities collect, manage, share and disseminate information to reduce cyber threats, fight crime, mitigate risks, and manage incidents. NC4 also provides cyber threat sharing solutions both through secure collaboration services and recently (via Soltra Edge), through automated, structured, and standardized (STIX/TAXII) mechanisms. 

NC4 solutions are used by private sector companies involved in financial services, high-tech, insurance, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, as well as other industries. In the public sector, NC4 solutions are used by federal, state and local agencies in homeland security, emergency management, and law enforcement disciplines. 

NC4 takes a comprehensive and integrated approach to safety and security by providing: cyber threat exchanges that drive the development of a sharing culture and circles of trust; global security and travel intelligence, analysis, traveler tracking, and relevant real time threat alerting to mitigate enterprise risks and a common operating picture for fighting crime and managing emergencies. 

For information about NC4, visit or call toll-free, 1-877-624-4999.


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