Tampa Police Department continues to see reduction in crime year after year

Posted on Feb 14, 2017

EL SEGUNDO, CA – February 14, 2017 – NC4, a leader in revolutionizing safety and security and an innovator in law enforcement technology, would like to congratulate Chief Eric Ward and the men and women of the Tampa Police Department (TPD) on another amazing year of crime fighting, reducing Part 1 crimes in the city of Tampa by over 8.9%. Tampa Police are a very diverse and dynamic agency serving one of America’s greatest cities. Its mission is to reduce crime and enhance the quality of life through a cooperative partnership with all citizens. 

Tampa Police were innovators in launching a new policing philosophy that targeted four high- volume pattern crimes known as Part I crimes (Burglary, Auto Burglary, Robbery, and Auto Theft). The changes they implemented included the redistribution of tactical resources, intelligence-led policing, proactive and preventive policing initiatives and partnering with the community. After successfully reducing crime over the years, Tampa Police Chief Eric Ward added an additional focus on violent crime, to reduce gun violence and increase the quality of life for all citizens of Tampa. 

In 2012, NC4 launched NC4 Street Smart, a high-speed information sharing solution built on the proven methods of the Tampa Police. NC4 Street Smart gives police officers in the field the kind of real-time information normally associated with crowd-sourcing and blogging and frees police- generated data from backroom analytics. Due to strong leadership and their dynamic approach and philosophy in policing, Tampa Police saw an 8.96% reduction in Part I crimes in 2016 and a 22.93% reduction in Part I crimes since deployment of NC4 Street Smart. They have far exceeded the state and national average of crime reduction year after year and have gone from having one of the highest crime rates for a city its size to one of the lowest. 

“A low crime rate and sense of safety are two of the most basic qualities of a successful and vibrant city. I don’t believe there is another agency in the county that has achieved such dramatic success in these areas as the Tampa Police Department,” said Bob Buckhorn, Mayor of Tampa. “The strategies and tactics of the Tampa Police are continually evolving and because of that, TPD continues to reduce crime in the community. More importantly, the reduction in crime keeps the citizens of Tampa feeling safe in their homes.” 

“We salute the men and women of the Tampa Police Department on another amazing year. We continue to learn and incorporate their successful practices into our software and thank them for their dedication and professionalism,” said Rob Wolf, Vice President of Public Safety for NC4. “We are honored that our software helped Tampa’s Officers to fight crime and look forward to a continued relationship.”

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