Miami Police Department chooses NC4 Street Smart to help protect and serve the City of Miami

Posted on Oct 11, 2016

EL SEGUNDO, CA – October 11, 2016 – NC4, a leader in revolutionizing safety and security and an innovator in law enforcement technology, announced today that the Miami Police Department (MPD) has chosen NC4 Street Smart™ to help the police force of 1200 sworn officers communicate more effectively and to better equip them with technology that will help reduce crime and protect the City of Miami’s citizens. 

The City of Miami is a world-class city with a commitment to public engagement and excellent service delivery. With the acquisition of NC4 Street Smart, the City of Miami’s objectives are to provide first-class public safety services, achieve lower per capita crime rates, and foster a sense of safety in Miami’s communities. NC4 Street Smart will help the MPD achieve those objectives by providing them with a law enforcement technology solution designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the police force. 

“As the Police Chief of a rapidly evolving department entrusted with delivering professional public service to an even swifter developing city, I am eager to provide all my officers with the technological innovations that are impacting positive change,” said Rodolfo Llanes, Chief of the Miami Police Department. “It is my fervent belief that technologies, as we see with the NC4 Street Smart solution, have been the driving force behind crime prevention and control strategies in the last decade. NC4 Street Smart will undoubtedly enhance our officers’ ability to communicate more efficiently with the help of a collection of data that was not readily available to them in the past. The narrative is clear, we will provide our officers with the best tools because our citizens deserve the best service.” 

NC4 Street Smart centralizes all crime-related data into a single data store for easy accessibility and enables officers to fight crime faster by providing better information and creating increased situational awareness in the field, maximizing police effectiveness. It creates the ability to quickly share crime-related information by visualizing data points on maps and aggregating and sharing relevant information through situation-based bulletins and secure blogs.

“We are delighted that the MPD is joining the growing list of law enforcement agencies in Florida utilizing NC4 Street Smart to help fight crime,” said Rob Wolf, Vice President, NC4 Public Safety. “This platform has become a game changer in crime fighting. It will help the MPD decrease the time officers need to find critical information and instead allow them to focus on what matters most, protecting the citizens of Miami.” 

NC4 will be showcasing NC4 Street Smart at the IACP Conference from Oct. 16 - 18 in San Diego, CA. Stop by Booth #2211 to learn about NC4 Street Smart’s successes and the reasons why an increasing number of agencies are choosing NC4 Street Smart to help them fight crime.

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NC4 solutions are used by private sector companies involved in financial services, high-tech, insurance, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, as well as other industries. In the public sector, NC4 solutions are used by federal, state and local agencies in homeland security, emergency management and law enforcement disciplines. NC4 takes a comprehensive and integrated approach to safety and security by providing: cyber threat exchanges that drive the development of a sharing culture and circles of trust; global security and travel intelligence, analysis, traveler tracking, and relevant real-time threat alerting to mitigate enterprise risks; and a common operating picture for fighting crime and managing emergencies. For information about NC4, visit or call toll-free, 1-877-624-4999.


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