Possible Risks to Consider When Your Employees Travel

Posted on Mar 14, 2016

While there are risks in life no matter what you do, there are risks specific to travel. And as an employer, you take part in those risks if your employees travel for business reasons, especially if they travel internationally. As such, travel risk assessment and management are a necessity for any employer in this position.

Let’s take a look at some of the possible risks your employees may encounter when traveling for your organization on business, risks for which you, ultimately, may be liable.

Possible Risks to Consider When Your Employees Travel

Getting Into and Out of Countries
The first component of employee travel to consider is the need for proper documentation for travel. Depending on to where the employee is traveling, there are various requirements beyond the employee’s passport; a visa may be required, as well as proof of certain vaccinations and/or a clean bill of health. If these requirements are not considered in advance, your employee could face detainment, be denied entry into a country, or be asked to leave before his or her work there is completed.

Everyday Risks
Another concern is for everyday accidents and incidents. An employee can misstep at home, at the office, or while across the ocean. Auto accidents can occur anywhere, especially if the driver is outside of his or her locale (and possibly under different rules of the road). There are many ways that your employees can get hurt while traveling for your company. Do you know whether your insurance will cover the employee’s medical expenses?

And if your employee requires in-country medical care, are the physicians and surgeons qualified to diagnose and treat the condition or injury? Do the care facilities have up-to-date medical and surgical equipment? Remember that some of the greatest risks come from poor treatment in unsanitary conditions.

The best plan is to complete a thorough travel risk assessment before you send off your employees around the world.

High-Profile Risks
In some cases, the risks are very obvious and very high. Is there a communicable disease rampant in the area? Is there political unrest? Is there a higher incidence of kidnappings and/or terrorist attacks? Do you know whether your medical insurance excludes certain countries or regions of the world?

Assess Risks and Develop a Plan
The best plan is to complete a thorough travel risk assessment before you send off your employees around the world. Many global organizations turn to NC4 to get the relevant information required. NC4 assists your travel risk management efforts by giving you quick and easy access to the latest travel intelligence, traveler tracking, real-time threat alerting, and predictive intelligence. Contact NC4 today at 877-624-4999 to learn how we can help you protect employee travelers and expatriates.

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