Police department in Campbell Ohio adds patrolling officers to catch criminals

Posted on Sep 19, 2014

After a sudden boost in break-ins, thefts, burglaries and robberies in Campbell, Ohio, the local police department decided to go back to one of its oldest tactics by adding more patrolling officers to the area, The Associated Press reported.

Old-school approach could help prevent crimes

It may seem like the police department isn't doing much to impede wrongdoing by simply adding more patrolling officers on foot, but doing so will allow criminals to be spotted faster and officers' reaction times to quicken. Not only that, but patrolling officers will be able to increase their amount of police notes on possible suspects, high-crime areas, odd disturbances reported or anything else that could pertain to a theft or break-in case.

While the officers on foot will likely increase their amount of information recovered, this data can be effectively translated into useful information for the next officer on the beat in that location. According to the AP, all the criminal reports that have come in so far say the suspects were on foot.

"Sometimes in police work, we look to technology to solve all of our problems - when, in fact, some criminals are simple," Campbell Police Chief Drew Rauzan told local news source the Youngstown Vindicator. "We cannot lose sight of the fact that simple solutions can solve simple problems."

Recent technological upgrades also help

While Chief Rauzan believes old-school tactics can help, the department also recently invested in a new camera system to increase surveillance around the city, the Vindicator reported. The new technology system uses a DVR system that is custom tailored to the police department's needs.

Mike Romeo, owner of Tactical Protection and Surveillance LLC, said that while the police department's cameras across the city were actually just fine, the screens officers viewed them on were too small and had major issues, the source cited. The police brought in Romeo to install a new system to upgrade the department's surveillance tactics.

Small town with a big problem

According to the AP, Campbell has a modest population of 8,200 people and is located next to Youngstown, one of Ohio's largest cities. However, the Campbell's crime problem is not viewed as a modest issue and officers will begin patrolling streets in uniform and in street clothes as well.

Since the department increased its foot patrol in the region, officers have been able to catch two people on disorderly conduct charges and one on a felony drug arrest between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., the Vindicator cited.

"We have great neighborhoods with great people, and we have the same problems as every other community," said Rauzan, according to the source.

The city's police department is hopeful it can gather enough information while on foot to find the main source of the burglaries and stop the excessive amount of crimes. NC4 Street Smart could provide officers with valuable technology at the officers' fingertips to log any recent crime report information. Instead of sending officers home with their field notes, NC4 Street Smart gives agents a chance to log important data before their shift ends for the next officer on the same beat.

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