Police Agencies Across the Country Implementing Real Time Crime Centers

Posted on Jul 19, 2016

Wilmington, Delaware's police department recently updated their crime surveillance system with a state-of-the-art data-driven crime center. Trained personnel in the central control room of The Real Time Crime Center track police officers as they respond to calls, share information from patrol car to patrol car, and give status updates on open cases. This secure system quickly updates the shift supervisor with an overall picture of the entire unit, allowing more accurate decisions on how officers should proceed through their day.

Crime Software | Police Agencies & Real-Time Crime CentersThe crime software utilized by the Wilmington Police Department includes NC4 Street SmartTM. It gives real-time crime reporting to alert officers of potential threats, as it provides an open line of secure communication throughout the police force. For Wilmington's Real Time Crime Center, it allows the city police several advantages, including:
  • The ability of patrol officers to type quick notes in a blog format while on patrol. The information they gather pertaining to individuals, geographic areas of interest, or case incidences can be delivered electronically to others on shift or those in the next shift. The gathered information from each shift allows shift commanders to better analyze where resources were located during that shift and whether additional officers should be dispatched to the same region in the future.
  • Updating response plans from the control center to all road officers simultaneously using NC4 Street Smart's bulletin management homepage.
  • Global Positioning Systems, which are integrated with NC4 Street Smart, showing the precise location of reported crimes and offenders.
  • The ability to quickly visualize crime patterns with color-coded maps depicting where crimes have been reported. These historical crime patterns form a more complete picture of not only where past crimes were committed, but where future crimes may also occur. This knowledge allows better placement of officers, thereby reducing incident response time.
  • Community policing involvement. Businesses, schools, and local residents with security surveillance cameras can participate in the prevention of crime by sharing real-time video feeds with the crime centers. With permission from each camera owner, crime centers are able to tie into these camera feeds and display individual views to portray areas of the city their law enforcement camera feeds cannot reach.


Using crime software has helped the Wilmington Police Department move from being "…largely reactive to crime, as opposed to proactive…" to a much more streamlined, pre-emptive force. NC4 looks forward to hearing more positive outcomes from Wilmington as they incorporate technology into their crime-stopping and community policing efforts.

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