Paradise Valley Ariz police department receives 2 3 million for new technology

Posted on Apr 18, 2014

In Paradise Valley, Ariz., the town council recently approved funding for $2.3 million in technological upgrades throughout the city's police department, reported AZ Central.

The agency was in need of an upgraded computer system. According to the source, the police department was one of the last in the area to make the switch from outdated technology.


"Every department in the Valley and country has these technologies except for us," Police Chief Bennett told AZ Central.

Bennett explained the funding would go toward a wide variety of enhancements that will be able to match other law enforcement agencies software, while increasing productivity for the city's officers and decreasing crime.

The Paradise Valley's police department will be able to easily store crime reports in their record management system due to the upgrade. Officers tended to experience difficulty when retrieving other county's police reports with the older, outdated system. Now, however, that isn't a problem. Using up-to-date crime control software allows officers to reach out to other districts for information while in their police cruiser.

Creating a better police force through technology

The city council approved the total funding unanimously even with a few critics, but the city said the money is a commitment toward creating a better police force and resolving more serious crimes.

"The cost of investment versus the ongoing price sounds very high, but technology changes all the time, so this will give us the funding to keep up with those changes," Scott McCarty, finance director for the city, told AZ Central.

At the beginning of 2013, the Mayor's task force on public safety outlined plenty of suggestions to help increase crime fighting in the city. The group was gathered in January 2013 as a result of six residential burglaries that all happened within seven days in October 2012, and six more incidents through a two-day period in the next month.

"We are making a significant commitment to having a police department that has really good technology," Jim Bacon, town manager for Paradise Valley, told the Independent Newsmedia. "The people around me tonight did a lot of field work to develop their proposals. We are not going from a position of strength to a better position of strength."

The new law enforcement technology is aimed at helping officers work in the field and perform operations while in a police cruiser.

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