Soltra Edge® is an industry-driven software that automates processes to share, receive, validate and act on cyber threat intelligence. This documentation will help you in navigating the solution and in getting the most out of using Soltra Edge.


An organization in Soltra Edge is a way to group users.


To access Organizations, select "Settings > Organizations" from the navigation bar. 



The default view for Organizations shows a default Soltra Edge organization name called “None” which the system creates upon set up. 



Creating an Organization


To create a new Organization, click the “Add” button.



Type in the name of the Organization, the STIX Namespace and Alias you will use for this Organization, and click the “Submit” button.



Your Organization will now appear in the list as shown below.



Now that you have your new Organization created, you can assign users to the Organization by accessing the Users page and selecting the user you want to add to the Organization.



After selecting the user you want to add to the Organization, use the Organization drop down box to select the Organization on the users’ profile Identity section and then click on the “Update Organization” button.



The user’s profile will now show with the Organization assigned.



The Org page will also show a user assigned to the Organization.



Using the Organization Filter 


You can filter Organizations by name, alias, and namespace as well as Organization status - active or archived.



Filter by Name


To filter all Organizations listed by name, start typing i the name of the Organization in the search bar and the list will filter out all names that do not match. You may only need to type in a couple letters to find a match.



Filter by Alias


To filter by Alias, start typing the Alias name or copy and paste from the Organization list into the search bar and the list will filter down to Alias names that meet your criteria.



Filter by Namespace


To filter by Namespace, start typing the Namespace or copy and paste from the Organization list into the search bar and the list will filter down to the Namespace that meets your criteria.



Archiving an Organization


To archive an Organization, click the red "X" next to the Organization Name.



Read the description about Archiving an Organization and then click the red “Archive” button to confirm your action.



The archived Organization is now no longer visible in the Organization. The Organization list, by default, only shows Active organizations.



You can view All Organizations, both active and archived, by using the “All” filter.



Notice the archived Organization has a green lightning bolt.


Viewing only Archived Organizations is possible by selecting the “Archived” filter.



Editing an Organization


To edit an Organization, click the orange “edit” icon next to the Organization name.



Use the fields to edit the Name, STIX Namespace, and Alias.



Click on the “Submit” button to save your changes.



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