NYPD gets mobile with new police tablets

Posted on Aug 06, 2014

The New York Police Department is quickly adapting to new technology to help them solve crimes and keep neighborhoods safe. According to Metro News, the NYPD information technology team provided officers with new mobile tablets that lets them access police records and other databases at their fingertips.

Police Comissioner William Bratton and Jessica Tisch, the deputy commissioner for information technology, both announced the new tablet program for the NYPD around four months ago. According to the source, there will be 40 NYPD officers testing the 20 new tablets with a streamlined edition of the Domain Awareness System (DAS), which is the police department's source for arrest records, text of 911 calls and other crime report information.

Fast access to databases important

Tisch has been working with the technology for the last few months to integrate it in with the department's databases so officers can access the software while in the field, which she explained is really fast, Metro News reported.

The software allows police officers to track registered gun owners, people with warrants and any other information on those who have prior records, NY 1 News reported.

"[An officer] will see on his alert panel all 911 jobs that he or she is supposed to respond to," said Tisch, according to the source. "They'll get all of the 911 texts that's associated with that job."

Improving all aspects of the force

Bratton explained the new technology is the wave of the future for officers to better patrol, communicate and respond to calls in New York City. According to NY 1 News, Bratton said the officers will be able to access the information in their cruiser, while walking or when responding to a crime.

Foundation provides financial assistance

The New York City Police Foundation has helped raise millions from private donors through the past few years to help fund the new police technology upgrade. According to NY 1 News, the commissioner is asking for feedback about the devices from officers so the department can see how the technology improves aspects of their job.

"The commissioner's priorities are what we help support, and if technology is his number one priority, that is a program that we will support," said Susan Birnbaum, the president of the New York City Police Foundation, according to NY 1 News.

The pilot program is testing the officers with the tablets for 90 days and making any sort of improvements they can find, The Wall Street Journal reported. The devices will come with aircards that can be completely wiped clean if the device or the aircard were ever stolen.

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