New Survey Highlights the Effectiveness of Intelligence Sharing in Cybersecurity

Posted on Oct 21, 2016

As cybersecurity awareness spreads within the business community, the benefits of sharing information, as well as threat assessments, continue to be established. A new study out of the SANS Institute found some startling statistics that should be a wakeup call for any organization concerned about cybersecurity. Among them: 64% of companies responded that they used cyber threat intelligence (CTI), and only a disheartening 28% have teams specifically dedicated to doing so.

Cybersecurity Awareness | Cybersecurity in Intelligence SharingThe SANS Institute study uncovered that, although companies are increasingly adopting some form of cybersecurity awareness, few are doing so in a focused and distributive fashion. Often, this lax and generalized approach to cybersecurity is allowing for gaps in knowledge amongst the overall community. For the most part, companies are simply absorbing information regarding cyber threats as it comes in, and they are neither disseminating this valuable intelligence in any efficient way nor working toward gathering any new additional data.

The reasons for this failure in the overall community were multifold, according to the study. Among the common reasons cited:

  • A lack of general talent available to recruit
  • The lack of desire out of companies to share information
  • A deficit in a consistent platform for communications

Put simply, it is always easier to do nothing than something.

But doing nothing in the realm of cybersecurity, or doing "just enough," is being increasingly recognized as risky behavior on the part of industry. Of the respondents to the SANS survey, 71% agreed that sharing intelligence had improved their overall ability to identify threats. In addition to this, a separate study by PricewaterhouseCoopers noted that over half of British business will endure some sort of cyber-attack by the year 2018. Similar can be expected for European, Asian, and North American businesses as well. Considering these statistics together presents a compelling picture as to why businesses should be taking cybersecurity awareness seriously and why they need to be proactive in their approach to acquiring and using threat intelligence, as well as sharing it in their communities of interest.

So where do you start? Start with a threat intelligence unification platform such as NC4 Mission Center CTX to serve as center mass of your cybersecurity ecosystem. It brings together the members of your threat intelligence teams, your SOC, incident responders, partners, vendors, and even your customers, to securely collaborate and better protect your ecosystem. And, it aggregates the data from your network security devices for a single ground truth on your threat intel. The CTX platform helps you make the most of your existing talent and tools to help you start, or maximize an existing, threat intelligence program. Call NC4® at 877-624-3771, or feel free to contact us online.

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