New Pittsburgh police chief states commitment to technology to improve policing

Posted on Oct 24, 2014

New Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay has a lot on his plate. A series of shootings have plagued the area, causing tension between residents, the city government and police, according to The Pittsburgh Courier. Local CBS affiliate KDKA pointed out that McLay's past experience as a police chief in Madison, Wisconsin didn't involve the level of violence currently seen in Pittsburgh. McLay isn't lacking in ideas for planning to drive down shootings in the city and create a safer environment for residents, however. The new chief is turning to new technologies as a way to respond to shootings and prevent future ones from taking place. With the city seeing 2014 homicides already exceeding the total number in 2013 and no arrests in 37 of the 59 cases so far this year, it's a necessary response.

Technology improvements are a point of emphasis for Pittsburghs new police chief

Response from the chief and the mayor

Both Mayor Bill Peduto and McLay are pushing for technological updates to various police systems. Although Pittsburgh is a major city with more than 300,000 residents, the level of technology currently used by police for crime control and reporting is viewed as outdated.

"Number one is technology," Peduto said to KDKA in a recent interview. "We haven't upgraded, and we are behind other urban police forces in the utilization of technology to be able to break up networks."

McLay echoed the mayor's comments, noting that the technological infrastructure in Pittsburgh isn't up to snuff when compared to police departments in other major cities.

More modern policing efforts

McLay's specific plans include finding and implementing technology to help analyze trends in crime and provide a more effective response from police in the Iron City. The new chief said he's going to bring on an outside consultant who can offer a fresh perspective in terms of what systems need to be upgraded and which solutions are the most effective. He also wants to bring on a chief of staff from outside as well, to better implement technology-driven and community-oriented policing efforts, according to KDKA.

The right technology helps police departments become more effective and realize better outcomes. NC4 Street Smart is one solution that helps officers gain a broader and deeper understanding of what's happening throughout the department's jurisdiction and on individual beats. The information sharing capabilities of NC4 Street Smart help police learn about incidents in near real-time, instead of hours or days after the fact.

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