NC4 Street Smart Helps Forward Thinking Agencies Fight Crime

Posted on Mar 21, 2016

At 5:00 p.m. one evening, an elderly woman was carjacked. The perpetrators, while pointing a gun at the 71-year-old, had her drive to various locations to withdraw money to turn over to them. One of the suspects was arrested in a different vehicle than the victim’s at 11:15 p.m. that same night because of the cutting-edge technology of the NC4 Street Smart™ solution, an effective crime software law enforcement agencies are starting to take advantage of.

How did this all happen? Well, after the crimes occurred, the local police force, in this case the technologically-savvy New Castle County (Delaware) Police Department, obtained surveillance video and posted a bulletin on NC4 Street Smart. Through police observation, in tandem with the alerts that came through the NC4 Street Smart app, the officers were able to identify the driver as the suspect in the carjacking earlier that evening.

NC4 Street Smart "continues to decrease the time our officers need to find critical information and instead allows them to focus on what matters most, protecting our citizens.”

The real-time dissemination of data meant that law enforcement didn’t need to wait for official reports to be written up and distributed. They were able to quickly apprehend both suspects in less than 24 hours and before they were able to commit additional crimes.

Top law-enforcement agencies around the country are using NC4 Street Smart to increase arrests, reduce crime, and, as a result, becoming the envy of every other local police force. The solution provides technologies that previously were the stuff of science fiction and futuristic police dramas: real-time collection and aggregation of crime data, sharing of information via blogging, complete with tools for mapping and analyzing data and trends.

The platform truly has become a game changer in crime fighting, and law enforcement is taking notice. In fact, NC4 Street Smart is quickly becoming the in-demand crime-fighting tool. “Creating situational awareness is one of the most important benefits of the new system and software,” states Bloomington (Illinois) Police Department Chief Mike Diekhoff. “The software is a huge benefit to our officers in the field by not only increasing their awareness but also helping them to connect the dots faster. Criminals won’t have anywhere to hide in Bloomington.”

New Castle County PD's Colonel E.M. Setting stated, “The NC4 Street Smart system has made an immediate improvement in information sharing between officers. From the multiple mapping layers to the bulletins that can be easily created, NC4 Street Smart has become an invaluable “one stop shop” for our officers. It continues to decrease the time our officers need to find critical information and instead allows them to focus on what matters most, protecting our citizens.”

Contact NC4 today to see how our crime software, NC4 Street Smart, can help your agency reduce crime and keep up with the latest crime-fighting techniques. Give us a call at 877-624-4999.

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