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Finding a balance between sharing and protecting information, such as proprietary, sensitive, or other information that requires a high level of protection, continues to challenge organizations. The challenge is further compounded for organizations that are geographically or technologically dispersed. That’s why organizations that need to communicate sensitive information using "need-to-know", "need-to-share" controls turn to NC4.

NC4 Mission Center™ is a SCIF-level Managed Service solution that gives public and private sector organizations a highly secure, web-based platform for communication and collaboration. With close to 20 years of experience in developing best-of-breed, Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) sharing solutions, NC4 Mission Center brings organizations a rich suite of  collaborative tools and functionality that can be configured to meet the precise needs of an organization’s information sharing requirements. Mission Center is being used in Sensitive Procurement, Computer Security Incident Response, Information Sharing and Analysis, and Cyber Defense environments.

Mission Center is powerful enough to handle a mission with hundreds of thousands of operational users spanning organizational and geographic boundaries, but easy enough to use for everyday collaboration. NC4 continuously meets the highest levels of security, trust, service, technology and performance, to bring customers a secure, collaborative intelligence sharing environment.

Mission Center provides:

  • Granular and discreet access controls with author-controlled permissioning and essential handling mechanisms like Traffic Light Protocol (TLP)
  • Supports additional factor authentication (i.e. two-factor, etc.)
  • Highly flexible system of custom roles to realize any organizational structure and sharing needs, along with comprehensive user auditing
  • Fully secure, redundant physical data centers built to federal, intelligence community standards
  • Meets or exceeds NIST 800-53 guidance requirements for federal certification and accreditation processes
  • Federated Identity Management expertise
  • Secure messaging enables users to bridge organizational boundaries
  • Document library with the ability to create, tag, and categorize
  • Full site search based on user role
  • Collaboration through blogs, wikis, message boards, and chat
  • Standards-based third-party application support, including JSR 168, KML, CAP, and JBPM standards
  • Web 2.0 services for plug-and-play simplicity in subscribing to RSS feeds from external sources (if organizational security parameters allow)
  • Audits available on-demand to customers and sharing communities such as ISACs
  • Additional NC4-specific application integration services

Leveraging its U.S. federal government heritage and experience garnered from supporting more than 100,000 operational users for close to two decades, NC4 brings organizations proven and trusted, web-accessible, secure communication and collaboration solutions.

Contact us today to learn how Mission Center can help your organization with your secure information sharing, collaboration, and communication needs.

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