Natural Disasters Make it Imperative to Prepare for Damage

Posted on Aug 15, 2016

Safety and security solutions are, obviously, a keystone concept to being confident in the ability of your systems to maintain business continuity. However, as the new century continues to unfold, it's clear that threats from the natural world, and the infrastructural effects that these events could have, will become more of a focusing point in business continuity. It stands to reason that if you have an organization with global reach, having the tools and ability to react in a timely fashion to natural and hazardous occurrences greatly enhances your standing in this respect. Having a real-time platform based on information on unfolding weather and other natural events at any time, and in any time zone, is vital.

Safety and Security Solutions | Natural Disasters & Preparing for Damage

Many companies are moving large portions of infrastructure to more cloud-based systems in preparation for an increase in natural disasters and physical threats. This has merit where data is concerned; however, very few global corporations have the type of business that allows them to shield the entirety of their business by implementing cloud-based computing. Employees, physical infrastructure (buildings, trucks, raw materials, product), and the substantial outlays most business sectors have in getting their merchandise (physical or not) to consumers, leaves vulnerability.

The head of a modern IT, Business Continuity, or Security department, or any officer responsible for a business's safety and security solutions program, will likely be faced with major environmental challenges within the span of his/her career. With the reach of multinational business and the predicted increase in natural disaster occurrence, preparation, knowledge, and versatility will be fundamental. Spending on solutions in preparation for natural disaster on company infrastructure has increased, and with good reason. Often, the amount of time a critical system is down will be the factor in calculating how much a natural event may cost a company.

Prevention has its limits: there will almost always be exposure to natural disasters. Having situational awareness at the fingertips of your directors, officers, and IT personnel will allow for a better response to an event that may otherwise be representing itself through potentially unreliable media. Knowledge and data, such as traffic updates, weather events unfolding in new sectors, and historical data based on location, are key components to real-time decision making that leads to greater probabilities of positive results. Secure infrastructure starts before the storm, but safety and security solutions show their true value during it.

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