N C shooting leads to manhunt partial lockdowns

Posted on Oct 29, 2014

A shooting on the steps of a rural North Carolina courthouse on Oct. 28 didn't cause any fatalities, but the resulting manhunt for the suspect led to complications for travelers in the area as well as government employees. The motivations behind the shooting are still unknown, but The Associated Press spoke with local law enforcement and confirmed that two people received non-life threatening wounds from gunshots and were transported to a nearby facility for medical care. The Nash County Courthouse is situated in a heavily rural area, according to The Associated Press, although it lies 45 miles outside of the major metropolitan area of Raleigh.

A courthouse shooting in rural North Carolina led to a manhunt in the area


The response at the scene
Incident management at the scene has been measured so far, with medical care provided promptly to the two wounded people and a response plan quickly put into place by area police agencies. The suspects in the shooting have not yet been caught and are said to have escaped into the nearby wilderness. Because the Nashville area is mostly rural, there is plenty of thick woods in the area that are difficult for police to comb through. The suspects escaped on foot, which limits the range they can travel but makes it easier for them to navigate through the deep forests in the region and avoid detection. Police were using dogs in an effort to find the suspects in the area.

A local lockdown
The incident, while serious, happened in a town with a population of just 5,500. The relatively low number of residents and workers meant that the municipal government locked down businesses within a one-block radius of the courthouse, according to The New York Daily News. The limited range of the lockdown is good news for travelers and other professionals working further away from the courthouse area, although with the suspects still on the loose, further measures could be taken.

The potential implications
For corporate travelers and companies with business interests in the area, the biggest issue is likely the length of time the suspects remain at large. Because Nashville is relatively close to Raleigh, the location of the area's international airport, a longer, more comprehensive manhunt could have some impact on travel in the area. It's too early to tell if that will be the case, but travelers need to stay informed of the situation as it develops.

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