Mitigating Risks in Healthcare

Posted on Oct 18, 2016

Risk is inherent to all aspects of healthcare, but the ability to react and respond to reasonably predictable issues is your organization's best safeguard against a multitude of threats. Effective safety and security solutions rely on a comprehensive plan and cooperation between all departments within a healthcare organization. Understanding the risk, managing the severity, and gauging the proper response are all critical to mitigating damage. Here are a handful of ways in which a healthcare company can look to moderate and respond to risks as the industry evolves.

Safety and Security Solutions | Mitigate Risks in Healthcare
  • Identify Threats: Key to any adoption of a risk mitigation solution program, one must first identify the common threats that may impact your healthcare organization. This can vary by market and region, as healthcare is particularly vulnerable to the environmental factors that surround it. State regulatory compliance must be factored in, as well as issues that range from natural disaster preparedness to local health trends that may impact the community.
  • Measure Vulnerability: Once risk is assessed, the next step is quantifying how well-protected your organization is. It's important to prioritize risk, but the only way to do this is by systematically checking your vulnerabilities. Look to the safety and security solutions and systems you already have in place, and ask if they are sufficient.
  • Understanding the Flow of Risk: Threats and risk can have a trickle-down effect throughout your organization, especially in healthcare. A problem identified in one area (a piece of clinical hardware found to be unsafe) may impact more than one location. By understanding the flow of risks to every source, you can protect yourself from unnecessary additional exposure (be it direct or indirect). This flow affects every level of the organization: financial, compliance, safety, and security.
  • Uniformed Managerial Incident Response: By integrating systems and using a common language, organizations can ensure that protocol is more easily followed. It's critical that procedures are understood at every level. Any set of procedures must be demonstrated to aid in your response in the face of risk.         

To successfully navigate the evolving risks healthcare organizations face, safety and security solutions need to be uniform and thoughtful. They must also be accessible. Contact NC4 today to learn how the NC4 Healthcare Solution can help your organization prepare for and respond to critical events.  Call us at 877-624-4999, or email us anytime for more information at

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