Making the Call: Cancelling Travel Due to Weather

Posted on Jan 14, 2017

Travel risk assessment covers a myriad of possibilities: safety and security due to local infrastructure, damage potential to company assets, regional stability, and much more. One item that often doesn't garner the attention it quite deserves, however, is the travel risk that can come along with dangerous and inclement weather. Every locality is going to have its own set of weather issues; some serious and some minor. The key for a well-prepared organization is how to weigh the factors involved with possible natural disasters to the importance and safety of the travel plans being put into action.

Travel Risk Assessment | Cancelling Business Travel Due to Weather</Purchasing travel insurance beforehand can help many companies ease the financial burden of such a decision. Travel insurance will often cover everything from plane tickets to lodging and even, in some cases, loss of business due to weather. Organizations dispatching employees overseas need to be plugged in very closely to local weather events in order to make a decision to trigger a cancellation of plans or to protect essential physical assets. Having a well-placed communication system and clear guidelines for weather-related situations can also go a long way to helping satellite locations in preparation for oncoming storms. Insurance is important; preparation is vital.

With all these factors, NC4 Risk Center™ can be a fundamental tool toward gathering and disseminating information. With real-time alerts on everything from hurricanes to mudslides and even traffic, the NC4 Risk Center platform can become a beacon of knowledge from which your travel risk assessments are to be developed. Weather reports allow your security personnel and management access to real-time information.

This preparation extends along every portion of your organization's travel route: the airport, layovers along the way, foreign roads to hotels and offices, and of course, the trip back home. Being well prepared helps your organization's duty of care obligations and establishes peace of mind for your most valuable assets: employees. A company's number one goal when deploying employees overseas, for any reason, should be about their safety and security along the way. Weather events like hurricanes and typhoons are more predictable than ever, and an organization's reaction to changes in weather patterns should be included in every travel risk assessment. Contact NC4 today at 877-624-4999, or feel free to email us anytime at for more information on our safety and security solutions for your organization.

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