Make Your Community More Resilient with CTX Soltra Edge

Posted on Apr 10, 2017

Soltra, an industry leader in cyber threat intelligence sharing, with capabilities that range from protecting financial services to transportation and healthcare, has joined the formidable team at NC4 and the Soltra Edge product has been rebranded as CTX/Soltra Edge. In research conducted at John Hopkins, an Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense (IACD) reference architecture specifically identifies CTX/Soltra's Edge as a key part of 10,000 time increase in CTI triage capability, in addition to a 98 percent reduction in dev-ops timeline when used in fully automated applications.  In a world where experience means protection, and with evolving cyber threats a constant concern for any organization, going with the best can prove to be vital.

Make your Community more Resilient

This evolving platform and security interface brings with it an array of innovations for those looking for technical security:

  • Automation in the sharing of threat information for those within the CTX/Soltra Edge community
  • High performance and scalable solution, from a single VM appliance, to many load balanced Edge servers
  • Enterprise grade MongoDB, providing an Enterprise level functions/features CTI database
  • Top-tier search capabilities for searching threats within the database
  • Bi-directional support for DHS's AIS TAXII Server, for both DHS AIS profile and markings. This includes support for those using DHS's FedGov feeds, with support for ISA/ACS.

Collaboration is at the very center of the concept of CTX/Soltra Edge. One of the large problems with cyber threat intelligence, as well as security in the 21st century, has been the inability to collaborate easily with communities and corporations that share the same or similar technical threat profiles. Whether the reason for that is internal or external, the result has been fractured information and a lack of a unified front in the corporate world against cyber threats. Most professionals will tell you, a main reason for this seemingly incoherent lack of communication and collaboration is because of the lack of interagency collaborative platforms. Enter CTX/Soltra Edge.

With a real-time interface and easy installation and setup, CTX/Soltra Edge can quickly get an organization to the next level of cybersecurity. STIX/TAXII-based threat indicator community members like DHS's AIS, FS-ISAC, and others are available on demand, opening up a world of evolving information and communication. This can allow you to build communities of shared knowledge with anyone from customers, to suppliers and peers.

Using NC4 and Soltra's technical knowledge will help in getting the most out of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), passed in 2015. CISA allows for liability protections for those within the network, and it also acts as an information conduit for corporations to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). For more information on why utilizing CTX/Soltra Edge is the right solution for your security needs, contact NC4 at 877-624-4999, or feel free to e-mail us anytime at

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