Live look inside the Midwest Security Police Conference Expo in Tinley Park Illinois

Posted on Aug 21, 2014

The Midwest Security and Police Conference/Expo was underway on Aug. 19, and several local, state and federal police districts were in attendance to check out the newest gear and to take in the numerous educational conferences.

The event started with its inauguration ceremony that applauded the work of the Illinois state and local police departments. Several Illinois state representatives and police chiefs were in attendance, as well as Gov. Pat Quinn.

The Expo Hall was opened shortly afterward, offering a hands-on view of the newest police technology available in the industry. Additionally, the expo had three major car manufacturers present to showcase their latest police vehicles.

Latest police technology on display

In the midst of the continuous shining red and blue lights, expo-goers were able to see new radar guns, speed tracking devices, in-dash high-definition cameras, rugged police computers and policing software from NC4.

NC4 Street Smart, a real-time software solution to crime data, was on display and the program presented a live demonstration to how it's used and how officers can record crime information faster. The program allowed live look-ins on the Bloomington, Indiana, police department's crime map to see how the newest agency to adopt the software was using it. NC4 Street Smart displayed documented police data in real-time, which for most departments, can take up to a week before the information is even entered.

Numerous vendors and training sessions

The conference and expo are the only police technology events available in the Midwest that show the cutting-edge devices used on the force. Furthermore, the police expo had several ammunition, leather holster, uniform, flashlight and knife vendors to showcase what officers are using around the nation to keep their districts safe.

Educational and training programs were offered on both Aug. 19 and Aug. 20, which included courses such as "Law Enforcement Training and the Online Learning Revolution" and "Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design."

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