Left of Boom: Build Defenses Before the Attack

Posted on Apr 08, 2016

Cyber attacks are getting more and more prevalent, and damaging to organizations, as many of them have physical consequences. What is an organization to do? Well, like the old basketball adage says, the best offense is a strong defense. To stay at the forefront of cyber security, here are the top ways to prevent a data compromise:

  • Cyber Threat Exchange - common defense is     common senseBackup Regularly: We’ve said this before, and we’ll keep saying it. Backing up your data religiously is the number one way to limit the damage from a cyber attack.
  • Update Programs Regularly: Software makers discover vulnerabilities to their products on a regular basis, so they create and distribute patches through software updates. If you don’t update your software, there are likely numerous holes in your security wall.
  • Secure Your Phones and Portables: These devices need to be backed up, encrypted, password-protected, and have remote wipe enabled. That way, you can delete the information before a criminal can access it, and you can retrieve the data from the backup.
  • Create Knowledgeable Employees: Make sure all your employees, especially the non-techies, have a basic understanding of how cyber threats come into an organization. And don’t just implement best practices; explain why they are being implemented. A knowledgeable employee will be more aware of the threat.
  • Utilize NC4 Mission Center™: Finding a balance between sharing and protecting information such as proprietary, sensitive, or other information that requires a high level of protection, continues to challenge organizations, especially ones that are geographically or technologically dispersed. NC4 Mission Center is a managed service solution that gives public and private sector organizations a highly secure, web-based platform for secure communication and collaboration. NC4 continuously meets the highest levels of security, trust, service, technology, and performance, to bring customers a secure, collaborative information sharing environment.

For more information on our cyber threat intelligence platform, NC4 Mission Center Cyber Threat Exchange, contact us today at 877-624-4999.

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